In a vase on Monday – Return of the traveller

As some of you may have noticed I haven’t posted at all so far this month, nor have I commented on any of your posts although I have read some.  I was in the UK from the 2nd to the 19th of July and have had a lovely holiday doing all kinds of interesting things.  Unlike our wonderful host Cathy I didn’t even try to create a vase while I was away but it was a great pleasure to return home to find there were plenty of flowers to pick for my contribution to In a vase on Monday hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the garden.

Before I left home I cut all the plants in the cut flower beds back to low buds; the young man who helps in the garden and checks it while I am away says he was still able to pick a lot of flowers for himself and there are new buds on most of the plants.  The group of plants doing particularly well this year are the umbellifers.

I grew several different varieties for this year, most being sown in autumn giving much stronger plants than a spring sowing.  Most are included in today’s vase, they are Ammi magus, Ammi visnaga and Ammi visnaga ‘Green Mist’, Orlaya grandiflora and Daucus carota Dara.  I planted them out in spring between the Dahlia tubers rather than in lines on their own; I am enjoying the effect very much.

Daucus carota Dara with white Dahlia

Amaranthus caudatus ‘Viridus’

The tassels of the Amaranthus make a great combination with the umbellifers; I think they would work well in a vase with just those.

In a vase on Monday

With thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme, do visit her if you haven’t already.

I will be away again next Monday but will try to contribute a vase and I’ll share some of the gardens I visited while I was away when I’ve sorted out all my images.  Have a lovely week.


38 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Return of the traveller

  1. Glad you managed to visit gardens while you were away, as well as Hampton Court. And good to know that there were picking waiting for you when you got back! Does your young man just come when you are away? I aim to group all my pots together when we go up to my Mum’s to make it easier for watering but I don’t think I will ask him to water anything else than these and the tomatoes – we may have had rain by then of course, but it is not looking likely… 😦 Your umbellifers are looking great, especially the daucus – were they all the pinky version? My A visnaga failed to germinate this year, not something I have had a problem with before. I love everything about amaranthus and isn’t it wonderful to have a selection of dahlias and zinnias to choose from? Your vase such a good example of summer blooms so thanks for sharing it and ood to hear from you again 🙂

    • We were so busy doing things that I decided I’d have a complete rest from blogging not least because where we stayed for a week on Dartmoor had no phone coverage at all and the WiFi was not working. I’m thrilled with the pink Daucus I think they came from Chiltern seeds, but a friend also gave me some seed.

  2. Welcome back Christina. I have missed your posts and vases. Your vase today is an ebullient summer mix. The umbellifers are lovely in combination with your zinnias and dahlias. I like the green Amaranthus tassels too. Have a good week.

  3. Truly delightful! I thought about growing Daucus carota this year, but already had too much to order but it’s still on my wish list. 🙂 I’ll be checking back to see the gardens you visited! That’s always my favorite part of travelling and I don’t get to do it often!

    • The Daucus is good in my garden has it grows wild here and doesn’t mind the heat; the white variety is lovely but the pink has really wowed me. It was very easy to grow.

  4. Welcome back..and I am sure it was a delight and surprise to see what had done well in your garden on your return. Your arrangement is full of beauties.

  5. I wondered whether you were away Christina. Good to see you back. I hope that you had a great holiday despite the fact that you probably were not able to enjoy a break from hot weather. The contents of your vase are soft, subtle and rather lovely. I tried daucus carota ‘Dara’ a couple of years ago but the flowers were rather muddy. After seeing your pink beauties I’m tempted to give them another whirl.

    • When we first arrived it was a s hot as Italy but towards the end the temperatures dipped pleasantly but here they are now hotter although not as hot as last year so far, thank goodness!! I wonder why your Daucus was muddy, I love the colour of mine. do try them again.

  6. Welcome back, Christina, and I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Looks as though your garden is doing wonderfully well this year – what gorgeous flowers. I especially like umbellifers too, although I am still waiting for my own Ammi visagna to flower. Perhaps time I tried an autumn sowing. Do you overwinter them in trays in a greenhouse, or do you sow in situ? Umbellifers between my dahlias sounds perfect!

  7. Christina, I hope you had a great time during the holidays. I’ve missed you. I love your vase of umbeliferae. The Daucus carota Dora I like very much like the Amaranthus caudatus “Viridis”. The Ammi visnaga “Green Mist” is beautiful. And the Dahlias and the Zinnias are very beautiful. It’s a magnificent bouquet, I love it. I’m glad that in your vacations you have disconnected from blogs. So much technology eats our life and to rest and enjoy we have to turn it off. When you have the pictures of the gardens that you have visited, I would love to see them please. Have a good week. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

      • Sorry Christina I explained myself wrong. I was referring to the fact of disconnecting from everything digital to be able to rest during the holidays. And on the way back catch up with everything. All blogs are necessary because we have sympathy and some have a great friendship. I meant that, nothing more. Greetings from Margarita.

  8. A great vacation and returning home to a glorious garden – I can’t think of anything much better than that! Your homecoming vase is beautiful. I’ve never tried growing Ammi majus here and I’m not sure why but your photos give me a nudge to correct that omission next year. I’ve tried and failed to grow the dramatic Amaranthus in my garden beds but may try that again in my cutting garden – the green form really appeals to me. Welcome back, Christina!

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    • Daucus is a wild carrot, not an Ammi but they are very similar. I’ve seen slightly pink ones growing along the road sides, but not quite as pink as this variety.

  10. What a beautiful vase of flowers! How nice to be away looking at gardens, that sounds like my kind of vacation. I planted Daucus carota ‘Dara’ this year too, but they’re not quite ready for picking yet. I have Ammi in my vase this week too. This is my first year growing umbellifers, and I realize I love them!

  11. Welcome back! It sounds like the garden is in fairly good shape considering you were away for a while, and the arrangement looks great.
    I’m growing ammi for the first time this year and it looks as it it might send up its first bloom soon!

  12. I also missed your posts while you were away. So glad you had a good holiday and that is it not as hot as last year. We miss you both and love seeing the flowers!

  13. I am looking forward to reading about your travels, I am sure they included some interesting gardens. I had a break from blogging whilst I was away too.
    I just love umbellifers, next year I will try the gorgeous Daucus carota. The amaranthus is lovely too. What a stunning arrangenent.

    • Blogging is a life saver for me most of the time, but it does take a lot of time reading and commenting, so I feel the break was good for me. Next week we’re going to the Domomites where I’m hoping it will be a bit cooler. The pink Daucus is gorgeous, better even than I hoped.

  14. that’s a really lovely vase – very restful to look at – I’m pleased to hear you had a good holiday in UK and I’m looking forward to reading about the gardens you’ve visited. It’s been v hot in Manchester and we’ve had two huge moorland fires 😦 i’m glad to hear you had lots of flowers to come back to. My tiny garden has been happy in the heat as I’ve been watering it – plenty of pinks in my vase this week. love Bec xx

  15. What a beautiful vase! I hope that your holiday refreshed your body and spirit, and that now you are returned to your lovely garden with joy and enthusiasm. Best wishes! Deb

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