In a vase on Monday – Flowers for a Pizza party

My flowers for today’s In a vase on Monday post to link with Cathy at Rambling in the garden were arranged on Saturday for a pizza party I was hosting on Saturday evening.

These long hot days of summer encourage me to invite friends around to enjoy the evening on the terrace; pizza is not the easiest of foods to choose as they require a lot of last minute preparation and cooking but they are a very relaxed food and always seems to be everyone’s favourite!

The first vase is very similar to last week’s with dark Dahlias set off by chartreuse Euphorbia and Zinnia and contrast added with orange Zinnias and Dahlias.  I was very lazy indeed and even used the same square section vase.  I really must grow more plants of the green zinnias as they really add to almost any colour combination but are especially useful  with the dark, moody colours.

Dark and moody dahlias

I was asked last week for the names of my dark dahlias; they are a mix of D. Chat Noir and D. Arabian Night.

A larger vase was used for my second arrangement, which actually looks better in life than it does in my image, this maybe because I’ve not taken the photograph from what I now consider to be the front!  Perhaps the heat was addling my brain.

In a vase on Monday

More dahlias and zinnias; I don’t know what I’d do without them!  I also tucked in some Amaranthus, Gomphrena and Achelea, which has the most pretty individual flowers when you look at them closely.

Achelea have such interesting flowers when you look at them closely

With my thanks to Cathy for hosting our vases each week and encouraging us to pick and enjoy flowers from our own gardens.

For another splash of colour here’s the tomato salad I served to accompany the pizza on Saturday, there are 12 different varieties here and surprisingly most of them do taste different from each other; my favourites are the small orange Sungold with taste like sweets, the large beefsteak orange and the Green Tiger which taste of citrus.

A selection of my deliciously, mixed coloured tomatoes ready to be tossed together for the party

Have a lovely week.


60 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Flowers for a Pizza party

  1. Ooh, I especially like your first vase Christina. Dark dahlas like these are so striking – and is the frothy stuff really euphorbia? Which variety? Has the green zinnia got white petals too or is that just the effect of the photo? And again, which variety please? Green ones used to have a reputation for being harder to grow – did you find this? Sorry for all the questions – I have been starved of blogging communication for a while 😉 The tomatoes look yummy; my neighbour swears by Sungold and I shall grow that as my main variety next year, I think.

  2. I admire that gorgeous dark cactus dahlia. The lime green zinnia and euphorbia work well to give the arrangement some space and allow the dahlias to stand out. Your pizza party sounds delightful. Love the way you presented the tomatoes–a great way to share your bounty with friends.

  3. Your arrangements are lovely as usual but oh, those delicious-looking bright tomatoes really caught my eye. Stunning!

    • It should be a good challenge to arrange the same flowers in different ways, but I didn’t have much time to arrange them before the party so they just looked the same as always !

  4. Your purple dahlias have inspired me to seek out tubers for plants in those colors next year, Christina – I love both the dark, moody one and the lavender-blue form. The tomatoes are impressive too. Just looking at them made my mouth water!

  5. Some very pretty flowers in that selection Christina. My zinnias are only just getting going having been sown late and affected by the drought. I’m hoping they start really performing now. I saw a whole row of lime zinnia at mr Fothergill’s trial grounds last week. It was called Queeny Lime. Very delicate. I shall be growing it next year. Hopefully. We’ve had a number crop of tomatoes too. I’m madly making tomato sauce for the freezer.

    • I love all the green Zinnias; I found Green Envy more difficult to grow than some others; it’s always good to know about new varieties. I make sugo (just Italian for sauce really) and bottle it for the larder, I’m going to try drying some tomorrow.

      • Do you have a dryer? I’m thinking of buying one. I fancy dried apple and strawberries for the winter. The new zinnias look amazing in the trial rows. I find they either like the season, or they don’t. It’s been too dry for them the year.

        • Yes, we had a dehumidifier as a wedding present as my husband liked to collect and dry mushrooms. Tomatoes are trickier because they are so wet; I’ll probably dry them and then freeze them or put them under oil. I’ll report back.

  6. Christina the dark Dahlias with the Euphorbia are divine. In the second vase the Achelea is a flower that I love, it is lovely like the Amaranthus and the Zinnias. The tomato salad is a luxury of colors. 12 different varieties of tomatoes grown by you and 12 different flavors. It is wonderful! And it will be exquisite. My congratulations for such a beautiful salad. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Thank you Margarita, I think the Achelea are amazing when you look at them closely. I grow about 25 varieties of tomatoes Margarita, I love how the colours look, all mixed together. Have a lovely week.

  7. I love those dark dahlias, so rich! Your array of tomatoes looks delicious, a true summer treat. A pizza party sounds fun, do you have an outdoor oven? We sometimes put ours on the grill, it comes out so well.

  8. I think I have had the Sungold tomatoes,though Sweet 100 is my favorite. I am dreaming of a pizza party in Viterbo! Your vases are lovely- those dark Dahlias especially. I think the green zinnias are the little black dress of flower arrangements- they go with everything. Alla nostra! or cin cin, which is better?

  9. I used to like tomatoes until I was a teenager, though I do like some pizzas / light on the sauce! But seeing yours might nudge me back into the fold. My late mother from Sicily would think I was crazy seeing your bounty…well she did! She taught my father to call tomatoes “pomodoros”.

    Your vases are great, dark and moody would be my vote, though nothing wild here has that mood. Now that we have wildflowers since our monsoon season is trying to resume, I should practice and just go out into the desert and gather some.

    Pizza and wine outside sounds perfect. Back to sketching my garden spaces…

    • The flavour of homegrown tomatoes is so much better than shop bought, I never buy tomatoes, I’d rather use something else than eat the ones available in winter. But I do make lots of sauce and I’m going to dry some today.

  10. The tomatoes look so beautiful, a work of art on their own.
    Do you make your pizza sauce from fresh tomatoes, we often make pizza so I wondered if you had any special tips from Italy?

    • I make the dough using the slow rise method. I let the dough rise 2 or 3 days in the fridge. I always make jars of tomato sauce, which I concentrate more for the pizzas. I use a high water content dough.

  11. What a lovely idea to host a pizza party, and your flowers are just perfect for such a cheerful occasion. So hot and dry here, I’m waiting for my energy to come back to me. Hope summer treats you well and that your garden gets a regular soaking. x

    • This year is so much cooler than last plus we are having regular thunderstorms with RAIN. Last year there was no rain for at least 3 months!! I’ve even switched the irrigation off as the ground is maintaining its dampness. Between the thunderstorms the weather is lovely.

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