In a vase on Monday – Jewel colours

Another week of thunderstorms almost every afternoon; so the pattern of our days shifts.  Still we rise early most days as the morning continues to be the most comfortable time to work outside but now there is not such a need to rest in the afternoon.  The cuttings beds are still producing good pickings of Dahlias and Zinnias and it is the Zinnias that are the stars for me today; I love the rich intensity of their colours.

Last week the temperatures barely rose out of the twenty’s Centigrade so this has definitely been our shortest summer and I for one am not complaining, maybe that is why the colours seem to be stronger this year.

A small vase for the kitchen

The Amaranthus are growing well but are often covered in ants which can make harvesting them painful!

I’m not sure how much I like these two tone Zinnias and I don’t remember ordering them

The two tone Zinnias do mix well with other flowers especially with the dark Dahlias but I don’t like them as much as the intensely coloured single coloured varieties.  What do you think?

In a vase on Monday

The Asparagus is providing a lot of foliage for my vases this year; maybe they are receiving more water but they are a veritable forest of stems – maybe it means there will be a good crop next year.

Crimson Zinnia – the colour is if anything even stronger in life

Te centres of Zinnias are fascinating

The centre of each Zinnia seems to be different, everyone more interesting than the last.

With my thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting each and every week.  I hope this end of August week is a good one for you and that today’s Bank Holiday weather is great for gardening in the UK.

42 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Jewel colours

  1. Gorgeous colours especially in the rectangular vase. I don’t think I go for two-tone flowers either – they strike a somewhat false note. Variegated leaves can be quite pretty, however.

  2. Both arrangements are lovely, but I really like the second one with the pinks and purples combined with that asparagus foliage! Stunning! The two-toned zinnia looks like one I grew last year called ‘Mazurkia’.

    • Quite right Joanna, it is Z. Mazurkia! I just checked my sowing and germination spread sheet I really don’t remember the description saying it was bi-coloured – just shows how easy it is to order plants or seeds that aren’t what you usually look for, but good surprising also come like this.

  3. Hi Christina, I think both vases are strong and successful. The first one is quite striking and dramatic; the second, more airy and dancing, looking like a garden itself. Both are beautiful. Zinnias have been keeping me happy this summer. I rather like your Z. Mazurkia. Within the mix I planted I find certain ones are the “ideal” while others just seem very nice. And yes, their form and structure are captivating up close. Your weather sounds nice right now.

    • The weather is lovely, you’re right. The whole summer has been so much cooler than last year and of course we were up in the mountains for a week. I think the main difference is that the nights have been cooler so it’s easier to sleep.

  4. A wonderful late summer bouquet! Our weather suddenly became cooler and last night, light rain began to fall after being absent since June. It’s nice to have the rain but I’m not quite ready for the lazy days of summer to come to an end just yet.

  5. Those are beautiful zinnias. I have really enjoyed growing zinnias this year and will be experimenting with more varieties next year. Your asparagus is lovely as a background.

    • The Asparagus has been in the ground a number of years now and does moderately well but this summer there are a huge number of stems growing up so I’m optimistic of an amazing crop next year.

  6. Definitely jewels and each one a gem. I’m not sure about those two tone zinnias either but I do have queen red lime which I would recommend. Your vase has a beautiful meadow feel.

  7. I love all zinnias, no matter the color. They are so steadfast in the late summer garden. The two-tone varieties are very popular over here. I find them lovely, but as I mentioned, I love them all!

  8. Zinnias have done well here this year with so much sunshine. I have the stripey one too, I rather like it for a change. Beautiful arrangements as usuaĺ, what a great idea to use asparagus fern.

  9. Christina the first vase with the two-tone Zinnia is divine and combines beautifully with the dark Dahlias. The Amaranth is wonderful. It is a lovely vase. The vase on Monday I really like the Zinnias of all colors, they are beautiful. The crimson Zinnia is very beautiful and its center is spectacular. I love the Asparagus as foliage. It is a magnificent bouquet, beautiful, summery. I wish you to continue with the cool weather of last week. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  10. How I wish for one good summer thunderstorm, much less a series of them! I’m sure your garden appreciates the good soaking it’s getting. I rather like your multi-hued zinnia – maybe you just haven’t found a match for it that you find striking? As always, I love those dark burgundy and lavender dahlias – I need to seek more variety in the dahlias I grow next year.

    • We have had so much rain this year, it has been amazing and the garden really responded and showed me that even all my drought tolerant plants are so much happier when they do have rain!!!!!

  11. Oh, delightful, Christina,and especially the second one which Susie describes so aptly. I am with you on zinnias and a fascination with their centres – and will take more care with my choice of varieties next year too.

  12. I am loving Zinnias more than ever and have some similar Asparagus Fern that I like to use in arrangements as well. I will be planting Zinnias in a couple of weeks for winter. I think I would like to come to Italy just about now to bask in your Fall weather. It is in the high 80s with similar humidity here. I also love those dark Dahlias, wonderful combination with the Amaranthus, I often stop outside to rinse ants off the flowers.

      • My garden as well, we have so many types of ants here I have lost track. The centipedes follow the big headed ants(!) that have blocks long colonies.If I cease blogging it is because we have been swallowed by an ant colony.

  13. I love the wispy asparagus as a foil for the strong shapes and colors of the flowers…and the amaranth!…worth fighting the ants over. I agree that the solids are more pleasing, except for that little variation at the center in your last photo, which is divine.

  14. Oh both are fabulous vases Christina although I think I prefer the second with all those zingy colours together with the wispy and delicate looking asparagus foliage. Having at long last succeeded with zinnias they will definitely be sown again next year 🙂 You asked me on my last blog post where I get my dahlias from. I have replied but in case you don’t see the reply I’ve bought them mainly from Wilkos, Peter Nyssen and Sarah Raven. One of my allotment plot neighbours bought some fabulous sturdy and healthy dahlia plants from Pheasant Acre Plants this year. They have been most impressive. The same nursery also sells tubers. I came across their stall at the Great Dixter autumn plant sale last year and all that they were selling looked good quality. I’m not sure though whether post to Italy. I’ve also come across some positive mentions only today of a Dutch flower farm called Fam Flower Farm. They sell both tulips and dahlias and do post to Italy. I’ve not bought from them myself ….. yet 🙂

    • Oh! Thank you so much. No I didn’t see your reply, replies from blogspot don’t come back automatically like they do from WordPress accounts. I’ll look into all the people you mention. But I think SR only sends seeds to Italy and then only at the risk of the buyer!!!! PN does send and is great for tulips, my order will hopefully arrive this week.

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