In a vase or three on Monday

On Friday there were a lot of flowers that needed to be picked so I decided to pick them all then to hopefully make them produce more for next week when I need several vases for a party. So these are the vases I’ve been enjoying this past weekend.

Cathy at Rambling in the garden, our hostess for this weekly challenge to find flowers from our own gardens to pick and enjoy in our homes, is always very forgiving about lapses in following the rules to the letter so I’m sure that she’ll forgive that these vases weren’t designed today.

My zinnias haven’t been quite as good as the last two years but never the less are still the mainstay of my vases during the summer.

My picked flowers waiting to be put into vases

Above all the flowers I picked in one morning; my flower room looked like a shop!

I picked them by size and colour this week which helped a lot when it came to deciding how to arrange them.

I didn’t have any lime foliage this week so the dark Dahlias are mixed with blue Perovskia and orange Zinnias with some touches of white to add some light

A few Lime and orange Zinnias, and some sunflowers complete this small vase for the kitchen

Dahlia Lake Ontario

For foliage I used the seed heads of lemon and lime Basil

At this time of year when I can’t keep up with removing the flowers from my basil plants I love using them as the foliage element in a vase.  I do also use the seed heads when they are like this in salads as it gives a salad a different texture than the leaves.

Dahlias and Zinnias

Rich jewel pinks and purples including long stems of the dark Dahlia Arabian Night mixed with the first Asters of the year

Included in the bouquet are Chinese Asters Ostrich Plume; I have very mixed success with these but when they do germinate and grow I like them so I must persevere next year; I would be prepared to devote a good sized patch to them if I could get them to  grow!

In a vase on Monday

Have a good gardening week.  Do visit Cathy to see what she and many others have found to share today.

32 thoughts on “In a vase or three on Monday

  1. I love your lilac-toned dahlia and the zinnias that are slightly on the blue side of pink! Very impressed by your haul, and I really like seeing them grouped in those zinc buckets!

    • I am constantly amazed that 1. I have only just started growing Dahlias since having the cut flower beds and 2. That they flower so wonderfully with so little input from me.

  2. Christina, the flowers are lovely – particularly the dahlias. How I wish I had enough basil to do that imaginative thing you are doing with the seedheads. It works perfectly. My basil is always pinched within an inch of its life. I should be growing more. Apart from the flowers, however, it is that gorgeous collection of zinc buckets that has me drooling. Have a lovely week!

    • Thank you Joanna, it is the cut flower beds that yield so many flowers without irrigation the garden borders don’t have many flowers in summer. I treat the cut flower beds as I do the vegetables and so they are irrigated automatically.

  3. An impressive array of flowers, especially at this time of year! Equally impressive is the beautiful way you’ve arranged them.

  4. Your cutting garden is at its bountiful best, Christina! All your arrangements are beautiful but I was really drawn to the one featuring the ‘Lake Ontario’ dahlia – I love everything about it, including the vase itself. My zinnias have been disappointing this year too, although I think that was my error in planting so late. I’ve grown basil for inclusion in arrangements in the past but dropped the ball there this year – the only basil I have is the perennial African blue variety.

  5. Christina the photos are magnificent. Seeing so many zinc bowls filled with freshly cut flowers is a wonderful sight, I love it. And then how well you arrange the vases, like the one in the kitchen with the divine Dahlia “Lake Ontario”, the Zinnias and the beautiful Sunflowers. I really like the foliage of blue Perovskia in contrast to the dark Dahlias and orange zinnias. In today’s vase, Monday, you’ve made a treasure, I love it, it’s magnificent. The Dahlias “Arabian Night” I like a lot like Chinese Aster ostrich feathers, the Zinnias and the other beautiful flowers. It is a divine bouquet. I hope your X-ray was very good. Have a happy week. Greetings from Margarita.

    • You are kind to ask about my x-ray. It was good in that the problem is probably a trapped nerve rather than arthritis, but it did show there is already a lack of cartilage in some places so I can expect problems in the future!

      • Christina at least you already know what you have in the hip. I hope that in the future it does not cause you too many problems. I also have to go to several doctors when I return to Madrid. Have a great week. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. So many lovely flowers – you’re blessed with abundance! Dahlia ‘Lake Ontario’ is wonderful, a nice yellow-tinged orange. Great for arrangements as we head into fall. I like the middle ceramic art vase, a useful size and pretty as well.

  7. What a feast for the eyes! Really does look like a flower shop in there. So wonderful to have so many flowers at this time of year. I particularly love the dahlias and the Ontario one is really gorgeous. I haven’t had time to take any photos or post any blogs until today. I’ve been back and forth day and night to my relatives who have suddenly tipped over into needing constant care. Sadly a care home is being sought and a whole lot of sadness about that fact. We’ve been though every other possible solution, but short of moving in with them, we don’t have any answers. Anyway, your post has cheered me up. I’ve missed the IAVOM posts and taking part. Back soon. I hope x

    • Good luck with finding a care home you can all be happy with; it isn’t an easy time, I know from experience. I hope you have siblings to help with the decision making, if not I feel for you, for me it was the loneliest time of my life. I’m so glad my flowers cheered you. Xxx Christina

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