In a vase on Monday – late again

I’m late again with my vase because we were in England for the wedding of my husband’s goddaughter. I have to say the weather was a bit of a shock.  On Thursday when we arrived it was warm, the same temperature as here in Italy; but from then it all changed, on Thursday on a quick visit to Wisely it was cold and windy and there were showers which made us spend more time in the shop and cafe than in the garden.  Perhaps this wasn’t too important as it certainly wasn’t looking at its best, the hot summer had taken its toll.

Sadly for the wedding day itself it rained and was cold all day, but the radiant smile of the bride warmed us all.  Yesterday as we left early to catch our flight home it was 3°C (or so the car told us).  Winter, if only for that day.  I was relieved to arrive home to some warmth, this week the temperatures should remain in the high 20’s although there is a strong wind here today from the north.

The young man who helps me in the garden left some cut flowers for me which I hadn’t expected, here’s the vase I arranged this morning.

In a vase on Monday

White Dahlias, Asters and some pale Achillea

I’m sure you will have already visited Cathy at Rambling in the garden to see her vase for this week, but if you haven’t. do!

34 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – late again

  1. Very pretty, I love the color combination. That is a lovely aster, do you know its name? I have New England asters and a lot of wild species, which self-sow just about everywhere. I do love them, esp. S. cordifolium, my favorite.

  2. I love that cool color combination, Christina. The weather does seem very changeable at this time of year – I’m cold right now but the forecasters are predicting a ramp up to summer-like (90F) temperatures within 2 days.

    • We’ve been forecast a hot September and October, today there is a cool north wind but it is very clear with a lovely blue sky; perfect for me. Has all the water disappeared now?

  3. Christina I feel that the wedding day was raining and the cold you had. The climate you have in your house is similar to mine, well mine hottest today 27ºC and I think it will rise more for a few days, but I’m not sure. Your vase is magnificent, just like the flowers, I love them. The white Dahlias I like a lot are beautiful. The Asters in lila are divine. The foliage is beautiful. It is a divine bouquet. I’m glad you have such good temperatures to enjoy the garden. Have a nice week. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. Well I certainly have a white dahlia on my list now. It looks wonderful with the dainty asters. What a pity the weather was so awful for the wedding, it’s been lovely again today.

  5. What a soft color palette, and I like the asparagus mixed in.
    Funny how it’s too hot for ages, but then a cold morning suddenly makes you miss it! That’s how I feel today in a cold drizzly rain…

    • I suppose that is England for you. It was very warm on Thursday when we arrived but it was downhill after that. How has Rosemoor coped with the heat? Wisely looked very sad, especially the Pete Oudolf borders.

  6. It was barely one degree the following morning, Christina – but a warm and sunny day later on. What a shame about the weather for the wedding – it has been very variable here in recent weeks so I suppose setting a date for September will always be pot luck. It is interesting to read that you don’t think you could live in the UK now – there are no plans to do so at a later date then? I wonder how long it would take you to adapt if you did…

    But back to blooms! What a lovely surprise to have these blooms waiting for you on your return – the pale asters are a wonderful foil for the white dahlias and the airy achillea and other foliage just add to the effect. Very pretty! I have recemtly realised that none of my white dahlias have made any impact this year whatsoever – probably the only ones that haven’t…

  7. What a lovely welcome home , warmth and flowers. Sorry about our weather. It’s actually turned into a good week cold at night and mild, highs of 20 here with clear blue skies. Nice blue and white flowers, my fave

  8. The asters are lovely Christina, especially with the white dahlia. It was cold the last few nights here and we had a light frost yesterday! Back to 20s today though, but autumn arrived bang on time with the storm on Sunday.

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