In a vase on Monday – it feels like autumn even if it doesn’t look like it

Late in the day, but this week I have managed to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with the weekly meme to post a vase of flowers collected from our own gardens.

I have a very busy few weeks and it is unlikely I will be able to post for much of October so I was glad to be able to put together two vases today.  The weather is still warm (mostly) but Saturday it rained very heavily all day which has made the garden itself look decidedly autumnal although the vases still look very summery, but for how much longer I wonder.

In a vase on Monday, pinks all round


I just love the centres of the Zinnias with their coronet of little stars

Double Zinnia lacking the stars

The self seeded Cosmos form the base of this arrangement

Orange destined for the kitchen this week

Orange Dahlias, Zinnias with Perovskia and Senecio

I hope you are having a good autumn for gardening.



35 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – it feels like autumn even if it doesn’t look like it

  1. Christina, your two vases are magnificent. The pink is a wonder the Cosmos has. In the Zinnias I have never seen the yellow crown of the center so close it is divine, but the double Zinnias, although they do not have it, are very beautiful. I really like your pink bouquet is so spring! The orange bouquet for the kitchen is summery. The orange Dahlias are divine. I really like the Zinnias and Perovskia and Senecio. They form a bouquet that encourages you to look at it: it’s very beautiful. I hope you continue with a good temperature to enjoy the autumnal garden. See you soon, well you’re going to be very busy. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. Lovely blooms! Most people wouldn’t recognize the weather here as autumnal either, Christina, but the nights are consistently cool now and the days of 90F+ (32C+) daytime temperatures appear to be behind us, thankfully. Sadly, no rain yet and it appears we may have to wait until the end of November or later for that.

  3. Christina, nice to see you’re still blogging Love that star-spangled zinnia! Glad to hear you’ve had rain. We’ve had nothing since August, and the earth is rock-solid. After seeing your dahlias, I’ve realized that I need to get more orange in my garden. Maybe a jackhammer?

  4. Very pink indeed, and a lovely blend of blooms. Cosmos and zinnia join dahlias in having a wonderfully long season – what’s not to like? Enjoy your busy month ☺

  5. Autumn… hasn’t arrived yet. The days in Cairo are still hot, sometimes overcast and humid. But the evenings and nights are wonderful, and our garden is filled with the smell of jasmine! Beautiful colours in your vases, Christine – I wish I could grow cosmos (no luck so far).

  6. A lovely vase, Christina. I have planted zinnia and cosmos seeds, and I’m patiently waiting to see what the flowers are like. Spring is here of course, and the garden is bursting with flowers- having its moment of glory before the long hot summer.

  7. So gorgeous. I love your cosmos. Such a delicate-looking flower, airy and light. The orange-hued flowers are magical. Hope you’re busy in a good way. Take good care.

  8. I’m late in the day with my comment Christina but just wanted to say I enjoyed both your pink and orange themed vases. The cineraria foliage (if that what it is) makes for a fabulous contrast. Hope that you enjoy October whatever you’re up to 🙂

  9. Such rich colors! I have always admired your ability to create lovely floral arrangements. I hope you are enjoying some nice fall weather by now. Summer seemed to stick around forever, but our temps have finally turned cooler. Best wishes! Deb

    • It has been a lovely autumn; today the north wind arrived and it suddenly feels very cold but the warm weather could still return when the wind changes direction again!

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