In a vase on Monday – and now for something completely different

I wasn’t sure I was going to have time to post about my vases this week but that didn’t stop me from picking the flowers and trying out a completely new way of arranging them (for me – I’ve seen the style used in commercial arrangements before).  On reading Cathy’s post I read she had some completely new flowers, amazing in October.The flowers are the same as for the last month or so, Dahlias and Zinnias.  I wouldn’t say I’m bored with them but I did feel the need to try and make the arrangements look a little different so I decided to arrange the flowers within the vase rather than with their stems in the vase and their blooms outside.

In and out of the vase

The lovely, large orange Dahlias are producing lots more blooms and as the season must come to an end soon. I was prepared to cut shorter stems so that the remaining buds on the stem might just have time to flower.  I usually cut very long stems being prepared to lose 2, 4, or even 6 blooms that are forming along the stems.

Pressed against inside of a spherical vase

Incredibly some Chrysanthemums seeded into one of the borders and with the rain this summer have actually grown – I am amazed! and thought they deserved a role in today’s vase; they are also flowering before the plants in the cut flower beds, I have no idea why that might be.

A more ordinary arrangement in a narrow vase

the above is the stems that didn’t fit into either vase.  I think the simplicity of the vase makes a nice change from my more exuberant arrangements.

The majority of the flowers are inside with just a few of the Zinnias poking their heads out at the top of the vase.

I don’t think I have ever used this cylindrical vase before, but it was an obvious choice for this kind of arrangement; indeed if I see a taller cylindrical vase I might well feel compelled to buy it as I think the style would work well with some head-space in the vase unused.

This Dahlia is larger than all the rest of this season, I’m not sure why but it is rather special

I love the striped effect of the petals meaning it mixes well with white and dark claret colours.

Again the vase in full inside with the flower heads pressing against the inside of the vase

I used pebbles to support the stems in both arrangements and will keep the water level to the level of the stones.

With thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the garden for hosting each week.  Do pop over to see everyone’s vases this week.


30 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – and now for something completely different

  1. The use of dahlias behind the glass is both intriguing and beautiful, Christina. I’ve seen that done with fruit but I can’t recall seeing flowers used that way. I’ll be interested to hear how the lower flowers hold up.

  2. Oh what a fun way to present your dahlias and zinnias. I’d never tire of them really in any format, they’re so beautiful, but it is fun to try something new. I’m absolutely stealing this idea!

    • Not really my idea, the vase I gave you would be perfect for this style, mine weren’t really tall enough so my flowers came out the top. It would be better with some space at the top.

  3. Wow! That is so pretty! I love the dahlias pressing against the glass as if they want to come up for air! Very effective and a lovely idea. You had the perfect flowers for trying this out too. 🙂

  4. Christina, your arrangements are lovely, even the one you call “ordinary”. Your dahlias are absolutely immense. I have had very poor luck with dahlias here in Spain, and there is not much of a selection. Do you buy them in Italy or online?


    • All the Dahlias I have are from Lidl or a DIY store, some are fantastic but others aren’t so good. I’m going to buy some from Peter Nyssen for next spring or maybe a specialist grower if they will deliver to Italy.

  5. Sorry to be late catching up with this Christina. It was lovely to have vases from you again, and well done for trying out something new which indeed works really well. I was looking at my dahlias on one of my rare rambles this week and noticed how prolifically many of them are flowering, but of course mostly with short stems – so your technique is something to consider. Any idea what the white dahlia with pink streaks is? Thanks for sharing all your lovely blooms, Christina

  6. Oh utilising the inside of the vase is one of those seemingly simple but brilliant ideas Christina – well done for thinking outside the box or should I say inside the vase. The vase in your first photo seems a perfect match for the concept. I thought of you my Italian cousins and you last week when I saw photos of the hailstorms in Rome. I hope that your garden didn’t suffer any damage.

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