(Not in a vase on Monday) Five year anniversary – Wow!

When I read last week that today was going to be the fifth anniversary of the first IAVOM I could hardly believe it; time certainly flies when you are enjoying yourself (as they say).

Firstly a huge thank you to Cathy for thinking up this meme and secondly for encouraging us all to produce vases even when we think we have no flowers in our gardens to pick.  So often the wandering around in search of material means I discover a hidden bloom or a treasured plant is beginning to flower for the first time that year.

Today’d challenge was to produce a (not) in a vase.  It was a challenge to even decide what exactly is a vase.  I often use vessels that are not intended as vases but anything that holds water and a plant is a ‘vase’ to my thinking.  So I discarded ideas of using bottles or troughs or in fact any kind of dish.  I thought of creating a wreath but didn’t really have the materials I needed.

Then, for the first time he has ever really shown any interest, my husband suggested using a piece of bark from around the logs he was just bringing into the house for a fire tonight.  How could I not follow this up when he even offered to prise a piece of bark from a nicely rounded log.

(not) in a vase on Monday

Materials used include Melia berries, stems of Cotoneaster, Eleagnus with its wonderfully perfumed flowers, Rosemary, Sedum flower heads and green and orange Chrysanthemums.

Log-bark with berries, fruits and Chrysanthemums

I used florists’ pins to hold the stems and a tray that holds a tiny amount of water, so I’m not sure how long the arrangement will last.

Again a huge thank you to Cathy and happy anniversary to everyone else who joins in this amazingly supportive meme.  Do click through to see what everyone else has found to use as a (not) vase.  Here’s to the next five years!!!



48 thoughts on “(Not in a vase on Monday) Five year anniversary – Wow!

  1. Christina, wow! This is a glorious celebration piece. Perfect in every way. Happy IAVOM to you, from whom I first learned about Cathy’s meme (Not the first thing I’ve learned from you either). Kudos to R. for joining in this week.

    • I was thinking that we wouldn’t have met if it hadn’t been for this meme; so many reasons to celebrate. I was so surprised when Richard came up with the idea; A very happy IAVOM to you too.

  2. I am glad you went down the ‘no container’ route as I hoping some would go down that route. This looks wonderfully rustic with the large piece of bark and those orange chrysanthemums. Are they hardy ones or not? How intriguing that Richard made the suggestion about the bark – he must, I guess, know how much you enjoy IAVOM though and as you and Susie say in your comments, there is so much more to it than the vase itself. Thanks for everything

    • Yes the Chrysanthemum is hardy; I just have ones purchased in pots after All Saints day; I only bought one very small one this year; I might still find others. It was just so unusual that Richard should make any suggestion at all about the vase so that makes it a very special vase indeed!

      • Having had some cuttings from Chloris I am only just beginning to appreciate these hardy chrysanthemums and their value to the garden – I don’t want the faff of tender ones (although I probably said that about dahlias once!) The Golfer sometimes comments when I am putting my vases together, usually with a title – but his brain doesn’t work the same way as mine and I politely dismiss his suggestions!

  3. I love this Christina, the flowers look wonderful with the bark, how creative of Richard. I love the chrysanthemum and I hope one day that my melia will get flowers and berries. Your post didn’t show up in my reader so I had to come looking for you. I didn’t think you would miss the 5th meme anniversary.

  4. Well you never know where ideas will come from The bark suits the autumn colours perfectly and I like the exuberance of your flowers. I have an Elaeagnus hedge and the perfume is so surprising.

  5. Beautifully done! It’s funny, but when I mentioned the challenge to my own husband, who cares not a whit about any of my IAVOM creations (unless they “smell”), he too started thinking of options – if only I’d mentioned it earlier he might have helped me push the boundaries further when I created my arrangements. I have to extend my thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme to include you as well, as you were the one who originally led me to it, so thanks Christina!

    • I suppose our husbands enjoy different challenges to us. Richard loves perfumed flowers in the garden but doesn’t always notice them in the house. I’m glad if it was me who led you to the meme as it would be very much the poorer without your creations, Kris.

  6. Christina what better idea of your husband to use the bark of a trunk !!! It is magnificent, beautiful: beauty! I really like all the flowers, fruits and berries that you have used for your bouquet. Melia berries are beautiful. Rosemary is very pretty like the heads of Sedum. The green and orange chrysanthemums are wonderful. And all embraced by the bark of the trunk: in magnificent, I love it. Christina, I have to thank you because you made me discover Cathy’s IAVOM, which was its fifth anniversary yesterday. Since I discovered it I follow it every Monday and I love it. Christina Congratulations also to you who are part of it. Have a great week. Greetings from Margarita.

  7. Oh what a creative suggestion from your husband Christina and you’ve decorated that bark most exquisitely. The strength of the scent that the small flowers of eleagnus produce always takes me by surprise. I’m off to find out what melia is as it’s a new one on me. One of the best things about ‘In A Vase On Monday’ is the journey of discovery that it often results in 🙂

  8. Your chrysanthemums look stunning, I ‘ve got a similar colour and what a beautiful way to display them, bravo!!! Can’t believe it’s 5 (!!!) years already, gosh, it’s scaring, isn’t it!?

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