In a vase on Monday – another Christmas decoration

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden has created another vase that defies the season, by giving us more beautiful rose buds, while I am embracing Christmas.I have been looking at YouTube for some different ideas for Christmas arrangements.  I can tell you there are thousands of videos out there some with fantastic ideas, others not so much!

Last year I covered the whole of my sideboard with foliage arrangements with candles and while I loved the exuberant effect it did mean that there was no-where to actually put anything except for the table.  I wanted to create something eye catching and exciting but that I could still put boxes of chocolates, fruit and other things I didn’t actually want on the table underneath the arrangement without detracting from it too much.

I had originally thought that I might fill the vase with fir cones but when I saw the long, berry-covered stems of  Cotoneaster I thought that would look more elegant and interesting inside the vase.

In a vase on Monday

The vase is a tall cylinder (about 90 cm) recently purchased from Ikea.  I uses my pebbles in the base and placed a stem each of Cotoneaster and Cyprus into the vase.

A low sided glass dish was taped to the top of the vase

In this image you can see the glass dish I taped to the top of the vase.  It was then filled with Oasis.

I used cones from Cyprus, Umbrella pine and Christmas tree

I found the Christmas tree cones in a garden where for many years the Christmas trees had been planted out after the festivities; They are now full grown trees.  Very ugly but producing beautiful cones.

I used Cyprus, Santolina and Arbutus foliage

I attached Cotoneaster berries using wire.

As you can see the sun has been shining today

No one guessed that I had used Melia berries sprayed silver in the Advent crown last week.

Are you getting into the mood for Christmas by making decorations?


37 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – another Christmas decoration

  1. Oh that is brilliant Christina – such a good use for that tall vase. The cotoneaster berries are wonderful in there and using the glass dish on the top is inspired – the overall effect is great and I might look at my vases and see if I can borrow some of this idea, if ypu don’t mind that is! Thanks for sharing Christina – your house must be beginning to look quite festive now!

  2. Christina no one noticed that there were Melia berries sprayed with silver spray on the Cornona last week? It was so wonderful that it does not seem strange to me. Today’s arrangement is sublime. The vase full of long stems filled with Cotoneaster berries is divine. The top part with pineapples, cones, different types of conifers, Santolina, Arbutus. The Cotoneaster berries and a white candle culminating the arrangement. It’s fantastic and I love it: very Christmas! I am thinking of recovering a large Bethlehem that I have assembled and kept in a box: we will have to put new paper as sky and new small lights behind the paper to make stars; Remove all the dust, new trees that I made with sticks and box leaves and other leaves like weeping willows. About 12 years ago or more I do not put it. It’s time to take it out. Have a very good week. And let the sun continue. Greetings from Margarita.

  3. What a beautiful idea, Christina– you’ve created an elegant and sophisticated holiday arrangement. My decorating has been limited this year by our crazy kitty. I worry that everything I bring in might end up making her sick (or worse). So far she has been pretty good, but arrangements are so tempting for her, I try not to overdo it.

      • Thank you, Christina. My brother gave us a decorated wreath this year, but I satisfied my creative urge by making one with jingle bells (!) for my neighbor. I’ve also filled the woodshed windowbox (which has already been raided by something eating the winterberries) and the box and basket on the front porch. I used to do a lot more, but I’m happy with the reduced decorations. Less to clean up after the holidays. 😉

  4. I do find it get’s very silly at Christmas, you can’t move for trees, decorations and parcels and then when they are unwrapped it gets even worse. This is very elegant and won’t take up too much space. Ingenious ideas and lovely greenery and berries.

    • I don’t mind all the Christmas decorations, especially if they are predominantly natural evergreens from the garden and around. I really enjoy trying new ideas and playing with what is possible.

  5. Beautifully done, Christina! I really have to try filling a glass container with living material as you’ve done sometime soon. My Christmas tree is up and finally decorated, but I haven’t created any floral/foliage arrangements specifically for the holiday, at least not yet.

  6. Christina, this is beautiful. Very smart to use a vertical design to give you more table room. I like the way you’ve been using materials inside the vase (it’s very effective and I’d intended to copy you on it by now!). Do you find the oasis is working well? For certain things I find it is so much easier than other holders.

    • I think when you want to have lots of material Oasis is the only way. I don’t usually like to use it because it can only be used once and it doesn’t break down to compost.

  7. Ah, and will you look at that first shot! Didn’t I tell you you can do it 🙂 Beautiful arrangements and pics, Christina, we’ve just had the first frost this morning and the leaves will probably fall now. Off to wreath-making this week which usually gets me into xmas mood.

    • We had our first frost too. Ah! You noticed, I’m using the DSL’s Nikon for my vase pictures. I actually find it really hard to use, but you can get a very good fuzzy background 😂😂😂

  8. That is an elegant and unusual arrangement , I have these tall vases, fear that small people may overturn them , I have made a wreath for my door, and hope to deck my mantelpiece with evergreens. I love the warm colours in your vase

  9. That’s a lovely tall arrangement – a good idea to fill the vase with foliage and berries. Also nice to see different fir cones tomours. I will refresh my greenery today and have been lighting candles and tealights every evening. 🙂

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