In a vase on Monday – A strange combination

This is being written on Sunday as I’m sure I won’t feel like doing anything tomorrow!  Here’s the link to Cathy at Rambling in the garden.

As you might expect there are more of the Exotic Emperor tulips to pick.  For some reason this potful are not all ready at one time which is okay for the first batch but I hope my other pots will produce at least a dozen blooms at once.

In a vase on Monday

I love the green and white of T. Exotic Emperor, it might be my favourite tulip – at least until another favourite blooms.

Tulip ‘Exotic Emperor’ and Canna Cleopatra

Tulip ‘Exotic Emperor’ and Canna Cleopatra

I am more and more surprised by the Canna.  It was in a large pot with other plants during the summer and although there were a couple of blooms I was rather underwhelmed.  I knew it was unlikely to survive the winter outside so I dug it out of the pot and re-potted it into a pot more easily fitted into the greenhouse; it has produced at least 4 flowering stems since then.  It could be that it was a very small plant when it was planted outside and it needed all summer to grow.

It has been another cold week with a little snow here in the garden on Tuesday, but much more in town just a few kilometres away.  Then heavy rain, followed by gale force winds from the north and icy temperatures.  I hope the weather is more suitable for gardening where you are.


37 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – A strange combination

  1. Very exotic indeed to have tulips and canna to cut for the vase in January 😀 Why would you not feel like doing anything today? I woke up to heavy snowfall this morning and it looks rather magical. Weather is very mixed with strong winds and rain yesterday but it hasn’t been very frosty up to now. Have a lovely week xx

    • In last week’s post I explained that I had an abscess under a tooth and that today was when the tooth would be removed. Actually I got the time wrong and the appointment isn’t until late afternoon. As you remember I always chill my tulip bulbs so that they will bloom earlier. The Canna is just an anomaly.

  2. Hi Christina. Yes, an unusual combination as I would expect canna to flower in summer! Cold and snowy here too. Wishing you some sunshine this week, and I hope the dentist appointment went well!

  3. I always look forward to your tulips Christina and these are lovely. It strikes me your sentiment “my favourite tulip – at least until another favourite blooms” is probably how many gardeners experience each day. There are so many favorites out there! Hope the dentist relieves your discomfort and your can concentrate again on fun things. Hugs!

    • Yes, I think most of us have a favourite for each week or so. As you know I love most tulips but there are a few I would always want in the garden and Exotic Emperor is one of those. By staggering the planting I should have them for several weeks.

    • They must be tougher than I thought. The greenhouse is only kept frost free so there have been days and days when the temperature hasn’t been more than 3 or 4 degrees C

  4. What a thrill to have both tulips and cannas in bloom at the same time. A delightful combination. Sorry about your cold weather. Hopefully spring will show winter the door soon. Keep warm!

  5. Ah tulips. It’ll be a while til we see any here. They are just reaching their tips above the soil. That one is gorgeous. It’s been bright and sunny here today be we are forecast sleet and maybe snow for the rest of the week so I made the most of it.

  6. I too love a green and white tulip and Exotic Emperor really is gorgeous. I did grow him one year but I don’t know why I haven’t grown him regularly – need to make a note of that ready for next season! The unexpected combination is to be celebrated in its unusualness, but their combined elegance is an added bonus. Hope your appointment goes as well as you would hope and that you make a speedy recovery following extraction

  7. Christina, I hope it’s not very annoying at the dentist and that you recover right away. It’s a vase that I love. As I love the Tulip Exotic Emperor, it is gorgeous. I love your phrase about him “… it could be my favorite tulip, at least until another favorite blooms”. When I am in the country house, I have many favorites at the same time! The Canna Cleopatra is very beautiful and it is blooming now that there are no flowers instead of Summer that there is a lot to choose from. They look great together: a magnificent vase. As for the cold, it snowed in Madrid last week. We have a few days with 80 km / hour of cold wind in Madrid and it is getting worse because this week the wind continues and it is going to snow in almost all of Spain, including Madrid and it is very cold. I hope your weather improves and temperatures rise. If not, keep warm and stay warm. Take care. Have a good week. Greetings from Margarita.

    • This morning there was sunshine that was even quite warm, but now at 19.00 it is only 2 degrees. You take care if there is snow, best stay indoors. Strong winds are horrible, we suffer them here too but the last couple of weeks not more than 50 km/hour. The tooth is out so I should feel better tomorrow.

      • Christina I am glad that you have already taken your teeth, I hope it has not hurt much. With the cold you have, it is better that you also stay inside. I have seen in the News when they give the weather in Europe there is a cold bag over Italy and that it is going to form a storm over Italy and it will rain, what happens is that since I do not know what area of Italy you are in I can not be more precise. But wherever you are, warm up a lot. That you get better very soon. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

          • Christina I have already placed you on the map and you are very close to Rome. Viterbo is a beautiful town full of Roman ruins and palaces. A beautiful place to live, even if you do it a few km in the middle of the field. I was in Siena, a divine place, and in Rome, but that was almost 20 years ago with my sister. But in my head it seems like yesterday. Thanks for telling me where you live. I do it in Madrid and the country house is in a town called Nódalo, Soria, Spain. So you can search it in Google Maps. Have a nice week. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  8. It’s remarkable to see a Canna bloom combined with tulips, Christina! Cannas are common summer bloomers here but I’ve never grown one because of their reputation as thirsty plants. However, with so many sporting fabulous leaves as well as flowers, I may try one in a pot where I can manage its water needs independently of the rest of the garden. It goes without saying that I love your tulips.

    I hope you get some warmer days soon. Our temperatures were very warm late last week through the weekend but they’re falling again and rain is in the forecast. I’m not complaining about the latter as we’re still very much in need of it.

    • We had rain last week, but then strong winds that dried everything again. The Cannas didn’t seem too thirsty in their pots but I know I couldn’t grow them in the garden.

  9. Oh the Emperor is wearing a fine cut of clothes Christina. I must try this tulip out as it looks so elegant. I hope that all well went smoothly yesterday and that you are not in much pain xxx

  10. I love green and white flowers. I wonder about this, as my garden is so very green anyway. Of course, I love all sorts of colorful flowers, but there is a special place in my heart for the green ones.

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