In a vase on Monday – suddenly there’s more choice!

The garden and the countryside are looking very spring-like – that moment that suddenly arrives when there are clouds of blossom everywhere, vying for our interest.  Again I was able to give a bouquet to our hostess for Sunday lunch as well as have several vases at home.

I used a jam jar with a smaller bottle inside to hold the flowers for my hostess yesterday

Anemone coronaria ‘Mr Fokker’

Hyacinth from a mixed pack which added some amazing perfume

The cold autumn combined with the warmth of the last week or so has encouraged my Narcissus to flower earlier than usual.  I love the multi-headed Thalia and picked some for the classic blue jug/Narcissus combination

Blue jug with Narcissus Thalia and a single stem of Tulip Exotic Emperor

I ordered Alstroemerias when I was at the Hampton Court Flower show last July; they were delivered in September.  The plants were very small and not looking in great shape as the carrier had been rather slow, however after putting them into larger pots and then placing them in the cold greenhouse for the winter they have grown on exceedingly well and there are buds on most of the plants, this is A. ‘Avanti’

Blue jug with Narcissus Thalia, Alstroemeria and Tulip Exotic Emperor

I had intended creating a vase full of the white froth of blossom; but the wild plums were already shedding their snow-like petals; but I wanted ‘white’ so I instead I used Viburnum tinus with just a few stems of ‘true’ plum blossom (the tree is covered with blossom this year building up my hopes that there may be a mass of plums this year); these were joined by Narcissus Cheerfulness, N. Thalia, Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’ and tucked in but not very visible in this image Tulip Exotic Emperor.

In a vase on Monday

Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’, Narcissus Cheerfulness, Tulip Exotic Emperor and Viburnum tinus blooms

Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’, Narcissus Cheerfulness and Plum blossom

Do visit our hostess for the best Monday meme, Cathy at Rambling in the garden for more vases from around the world.

Happy gardening!

38 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – suddenly there’s more choice!

  1. Christina I am glad that your garden is full of flowers: it will be delicious to walk around it. The bouquet for your hostess is wonderful, I love the coronary Anemone “Mr Fokker” and the Jacinto. The Narciso Thalia is a jewel and it looks magnificent in the blue jug. The Alstroemerias are divine. The vase of the Monday is an exaltation of the white color with wonderful flowers: it is magnificent, I love it. I really like all the flowers but the two types of Narcissus, the coronary Anemone “The Bride” and the Plum blossom have fascinated me. The vase is beautiful and with the white flowers it looks great. It’s a vase that I love. Happy gardening Christina! May the good weather be with you my dear friend. Have a very good week. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • It is lovely to be able to share my vases with you Margarita, reading your comments gives me great pleasure, it is as if I have actually given you some flowers. How is the weather in Madrid now. I remember being in Madrid in March many years ago and there were lots of flowers close to the important art galleries. Have a lovely week.

      • Christina thank you for your kind words. I also feel that I see your wonderful vases with my own eyes. The weather in Madrid is crazy. On Saturday we were at 25ºC and today at 15ºC, thank goodness a storm has entered and temperatures have dropped and it has rained north along the Cantabrian Sea. It takes a lot of rain in all of Spain. This week he is going to do in Madrid about 15ºC and cold north wind. And at night about 3ºC. More normal for the time of year we are. Madrid always has flowers planted, although snow. There have been tulips making shapes with colors, divine. They are already taking them away because the heat we have had has lasted very little. But at the same time they are removed, they plant more flowers. Greetings and memories of Margarita.

  2. What a lovlely blue vase, Christina, which at first I thought was bigger until I read you had used a jam jar! Also on first glance Mr Fokker looked like a blue butterfly amongst the blooms in your first photo ;). Your frothy whites reminded me of when I was creating the red, white and blue posy’s for younger Daughter’s wedding as you vase has a real ‘wedding’ feel about it. Good to see your early alstroemeria too and it’s only March! I now have a potted one in the Coop and it was very straggly when it arrived but seems to be acquiring some new growth and possibly even a flower bud, but perhaps I am imagining that… Thanks for sharing all your lovely vases today 🙂

  3. What abundance, Christina! I love the frothiness of your vases. I’m missing the anemones in my own garden this year but I appreciate the opportunity to see yours. Your Alstroemeria looks better than mine do at this point – I’d have thought all the rain we’ve had would’ve given it a boost but it’s looking sad thus far.

    • It was seeing how long your Alstroemerias flowered for that inspired me to try some. I’ll be planting them out into the cut flower beds soon, so I don’t suppose I’ll have them so early other years. Although I’m thinking of trying to divide them and keep some in pots in the greenhouse for winter flowering.

  4. Like a wonderful fireworks show, each floral explosion is more wonderful than the last. Thank goodness flowers are popping up everywhere.

  5. Cut flowers from the garden are the best gift, I find, and as I’m reluctant to cut mine I often mix them with some bought ones giving them a special something. Isn’t it uplifting to see all those spring flowers. Your vases are delightful. Thalia is a superb variety of which I should plant more. Some have disappeared from my “daffodil wave” in the orchard and I shall replace them with those that do so well like Geranium, Einstein et al. It must be beautiful to see the wildflowers coming up around you too. Thanks for your kind words yesterday – I hope the book will be translated one day. It’s already very dry this year – I don’t know about you? The river should be much higher and in Germany they’re also having a dry spring. I’m going to experiment with shading and more mulching in the potager this year as the veg suffered badly last year. Happy spring days!

    • I have automated irrigation for the veg garden and my cut flower beds but the rest of the garden has to survive with whatever rain we have. We had a wet year last year but there has been very little rain this year and that combined with even more wind than usual means the garden is already very dry. I’ve hand watered the veg beds several times already and I never have to do that at this time of year. I don’t like picking flowers from the borders either which is why I’m so pleased to have the dedicated cut flower beds.

  6. How wonderfully spring -like your frothy white blossom is. This year the wild plum and sloe blossom have been fantastic but it has been too windy for the bees to venture out. I love your blue and white arrangement too, Thalia is a real winner.

  7. Primavera! lovely, I love the plum blossoms and the Thalia in the blue jug are simply and wonderfully displayed. I tried Mr. Fokker a few times when I lived further north, loved Anemones, but they never loved me back.

  8. Aaah, all that blossom looks very promising. I just rediscovered some of last year’s plums in the freezer (given to us from friends) and am looking forward to a crumble at the weekend! Your hostess must have been swept away by her bouquet. Love all the white flowers – especially the narcissi in the blue jug. 🙂

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