10 good things for March

Chloris at The Blooming Garden writes a monthly roundup of the best things in her garden in any given month and has decided to make the day the 23rd of each month so that others may join her.

There is no shortage of choice this month as spring has come to My Hesperides Garden and it is such a pleasure to walk around each day to see what is newly flowering and watch progress on buds that are slowly opening.

One thing I can see from the kitchen table is the progress of the Wisteria, extra special this year after loosing all the blooms last year to the Beast from the East!

Wisteria ‘Prolific’ 18th March

Wisteria Prolific today 23rd March

Wisteria ‘Prolific’

It is as if the colour was waiting for today to show. in another couple of days I think it will be open completely.  There are so many buds, I’m so excited to see it flowering.

Viburnum burkwoodii

Usually Viburnum burkwoodii is the first to flower but this year carlessii beat it by a couple of days.

Viburnum carlessii

Narcissus Thalia

Thalia are gorgeous, I need to pick more to bring into the house as they have a delicious perfume.

Clematis armandii

Another white spring flower and another that is delicately perfumed.

Magnolia stellata

There is Euphorbia rigida and E. myrsinites all around the garden

Both these Euphorbias seed prolifically in the gravel so I’m able to lift them and place them where I want them.  They have been the most obvious statement of spring’s arrival; luckily they work well as a back drop to all the spring bulbs and then continue to look attractive even in the heat of summer.

Hyacinth Miss Saigon, Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide and Euphobia

More Hyacinths from a mixed pack

A little mix of spring colour from bulbs

Muscari and Hyacinth Delph Blue

Suddenly the foliage of the bearded Iris is growing too, another month and they will be flowering too.

Hyacinths Berry Fruit mix

Just behind the Hyacinths you can just see Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’, which has been a great success this year.

Muscari with Euphorbia

There has been blossom in profusion from the fruit trees but I only have an image of the miniature flowering peach (I think that is what it is but each year I forget!!!

Dwarf flowering peach


Then of course there are tulips

Tulip Miami Sunset

Tulip White Triumphator

I love how the sun shines through their leaves

Tulip ‘Negrita Parrot’ and Hyacinths

Tulip ‘Exotic Emperor’

Tulip ‘Exotic Emperor’

I’ve rather lost count, but I think that is ten!  Spring is here now in Italy, the cold wind we’ve been experiencing all month has finally dropped and it is wonderfully warm.  Do visit Chloris and perhaps find ten things you’d like to share from your garden too.

40 thoughts on “10 good things for March

  1. Wow, Christina your March garden is fabulous, it is much further on than ours even though we had such a mild February. I am going to copy your Miss Saigon and Sylphide combination, it’s gorgeous, specially with the euphorbia. My hyacinths are all ones that I have had in the house over the years, but next year I will buy some specially for the garden, yours are so pretty. And that double peach is good enough to eat. Do you get Peach Leaf Curl in Italy? I had to give up on trying to grow peaches. Your wisteria is going to be wonderful and what pleasure you get watching it open a little more each day.
    Thank you for joining in with your fabulous Ten Top March Blooms. I loved the glimpses of your lovely garden too.

  2. Spring has certainly arrived in your garden, your Wisteria is going to be fantastic, maybe it will make up for last year. I love all the shades of your Hyacinths, the few that I have are all from indoor pots that then get planted in the garden, some survive, some don’t!

    • I find Hyacinths too strong a perfume inside the house. Most of the bulbs have split to produce two or more flowers so I think I should try lifting and dividing them. I like that they give a a strong block of colour that can be seen even from a distance.

  3. Your flowering bulbs are outstanding, Christina! I’ve never tried to grow Hyacinths in my garden but you make me want to try them. Your tulips never cease to impress me. I have a single peach tree on my back slope. It’s never produced viable fruit but it does have buds this year, still unopened, and given our colder-than-usual winter I suppose there’s a chance of both flowers and fruit this year – I’ll have to trek down the slope to check on it later today. Best wishes .

  4. Christina I’m very happy that your Wisteria Prolifica is with so many buds about to bloom. It’s fantastic! Especially after the frosts and the freezing wind last year did not let her bloom. The Viburnum burkwoodii is divine. The Thalia Daffodils are a jewel. I really like the rigid Euphorbias and E. myrsinitis. I love the photos with different bulbs. The hyacinths are all wonderful as the anemones. Your tulips collection I love, it’s fantastic, magnificent. All are very very special and beautiful. I am glad that your garden is full of flowers and others about to bloom and have a very good climate. Happy week of gardening. Enjoy your divine garden. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  5. It is such a treat to see tulips a week or so ahead of ours. You have such lovely colour combinations. Tulips and euphorbia are such a wonderful combination, aren’t they?

  6. It absolutely looks like spring is there to stay! I’m so happy for you that the wind has died down and you can enjoy the flowers and some time outdoors. In my mind I’m picturing you with a drink under the wisteria admiring the afternoon light across the garden…. heavenly 🙂
    It’s a nice morning here as well. Can you tell I’m excited?
    You seem to have found the right bulbs which enjoy your conditions. I much prefer seeing them settle in and seed out and multiply rather than bedded out in blocks. Bedding has its place but yours make a garden. Love it!

    • Many bulbs originate in a Mediterranean climate so they are perfect for my garden. Any plant that is naturally summer dormant is a treasure. Today and yesterday have been wonderfully warm. About 22 degrees Centigrade- perfect. Some friends came to see the early bulbs and there were even some roses flowering that weren’t there yesterday! The Wisteria is almost open.

  7. Your euphorbia is very impressive – it clearly loves your soil and climate! I love your viburnum flowers and in fact all the white flowers you have shared. They light up the garden in spring. We have had a few really warm days here but another dip is expected so the garden is taking a while to warm up and wake up.

  8. Oh Christina you must be so excited at the sight of your wisteria about to flower! I imagine that you are going out to check on its progress regularly. I hope that it lives up to its name and compensates for it’s no-show last spring. It looks as if March is bringing much joy and colour to your garden and real warmth too 🙂

  9. What lovely images of Spring. The tulips are stunning- just beginning here. I have Purissima in pots on its third year, still elegant and unbothered by rain and wind. But your White Triumphator looks splendid.

  10. Oh as soon as I opened your post I realised I hadn’t looked up at my wisteria — must remedy that! I so enjoyed your March Blooms – all of them – and that sweeping gravel path with the euphorbia looks so effective. You must be enjoying your garden so much, Christina 😊

    • Yes, the scent wafts about, I like it outside but it is too strong inside the house. The first Hyacinths to flower are already going over, but they have been good since the beginning of the month.

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