In a vase on Monday – Treasures of spring

I’m sure everyone will find some lovely spring flowers this week to share with all the participants of Cathy at Rambling in the garden‘s weekly meme.

My little vases of joy have had triple use; I prepared them on Saturday for a very special friend’s Hen Night.  Fifteen little Campari bottles stuffed with spring flowers; what could be more fitting for a spring bride.  They were placed on the tables and if I say so myself added a very special something to the delicious array of food.  My friend chose a couple of the bottles to take home as did one of the other guests. (Sorry no images at the event, I didn’t take my camera).

How the flowers ended up in the Orangery

Yesterday, Sunday I’d invited some friends to come to see the spring bulbs in the garden and enjoy an English tea party; it was also one of the friend’s birthday so a good excuse to celebrate.

The little bottles were on the table when everyone arrived but it soon became clear that with all the extra food brought by everyone there was no space for all the flowers so they ended up on the cubes that cover the wall over the ‘outside’ kitchen; luckily fully visible from the table.

Narcissus Thalia, Rosemary and Iris

This morning I decided to bring all the flowers into the house so that they now adorn the kitchen, the sideboard and the sitting room.

In the Kitchen

Today the vases were moved into the house, some added to a tray of candles on the coffee table

On the sideboard

Viburnum burkwoodii adds some gorgeous perfume.

I think I almost like a selection of small vases more than one large arrangement.

Have a great week!


32 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Treasures of spring

  1. I hope they were suitably delighted at seeing your garden, Christina! Are they Italian friends, or are there any ‘expats’ amongst them? What a lovely idea to use all these little matching bottles to enhance the table, especially with the reason behind the get-together. Thalia looks especially beautiful – so pristinely white against the green foliage. Thanks for sharing them with us too

    • It’s a great way to display a limited number of flowers too, although I did have quite a lot this week, but they weren’t tall and might not have looked so attractive in one short vase.

  2. I think your collection of small vases is very effective, Christina. It’s always wonderful to share flowers with friends that appreciate them and I’m sure the blooms boosted the joy factor at both events.

  3. Your little bottles look super sweet all together and I’m sure they looked great at both parties. Thalia is so very pretty. It’s very popular at weddings here to have a lot of jam jar posies. I feel I might have to start drinking Campari. I always make an arrangement for our Christmas table and there is never room for it once we bring out all the vegetables.

  4. How lovely filling your house with flowers like this. I love little posies, specially in spring when there are so many jewel like flowers to choose from, many of them fragrant. Your little campari bottles are perfect for the flowers.

  5. They are all so pretty. 🙂 I agree – having several small vases gives me a feeling of abundance even if one large vase contains more flowers!

  6. Christina I love your little bottles of campari making vases. There are so many that the flowers look wonderful and look more. And together all the vases are a large collection of flowers, rather than a large vase. I love the Narciso Thalia with her neat white. Have a very good and happy gardening week enjoying the blooming flowers of your garden jewel. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Hello Margarita, I’m wondering if the weather in Madrid is as changeable as it is here. Yesterday was very warm and sunny, today a cold, cold wind again that has been ripping the wisteria buds from the plants, it is very sad.

      • Christina poor Wisteria! I am very sorry of my heart, with the precious thing that was full of buds about to bloom. Again the damn north wind. Here in Madrid time is crazy. The weekend we were at 25ºC and bright sun. From Monday the temperature dropped and the north wind began to blow and today we have had 17ºC but with a cold wind that seems to be less temperature. Next weekend again heat with temperatures of up to 26ºC in Madrid and sun. And none of the rain we need. A UN report says that in Spain this year there will be 55 more days of Summer than last year and that this will be maintained and increase every 10 years. Imagine the panorama! Less rain, more heat, more pollution, more desertification that is already real, …. Christina, my friend, I feel very sorry for your precious and wonderful Wisteria, but Climate Change has returned to the crazy climate. Memories. Greetings from Margarita.

        • The Wisteria isn’t all gone, just some of the beds have been torn off. Today was sunny and warm with less wind. We haven’t had any rain here either; climate change is a huge problem. Will you be able to leave the Madrid house to go to the country house if it is very hot.

          • Thank you very much Christina for your interest and I am glad that the Wisteria has only lost a few flowers. Do not lose more! Christina in the country house is less hot than in Madrid, especially at night, but since we bought it about 15 years ago temperatures have risen by 6ºC or more. What will keep us in Madrid this year longer is my dear Father who has to take several medical tests and then recover from them. He is already older, he is almost 82 years old and has many diseases and he has had a checkup and he has 3 by pass done when he was 65 years old. He only has 40% of the heart alive but still he is strong as a bull. I hope to go to the country house in the middle or end of May if all goes well. To see that I find the heat that has been doing and abnormally there of 18ºC or 20ºC in February without rain and without snowing anything. The plants will be thirsty. I will make a blog with what I am! Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

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