In a Vase on Monday – truly it is spring

I missed joining in Cathy at Rambling in the Garden‘s Monday Vase meme last week.  Firstly because I was busy working in the garden but mainly because I have a new computer, and it is taking me some time to get used to how everything works!  It is a new operating system to me and although I am assured by everyone that it is completely intuitive, it isn’t to me!!!

I did manage to put some vases together at the end of the week so I will share those with you today.

In a vase on Monday, Ikebana

This is the vase my husband bought for me last year while he was in Japan.  The crab apple has grown a lot and I was happy to prune some of the inward growing branches for my vase. I used the last of the  Narcissus ‘Thalia’ and a few N. Cheerfulness that are in a congested patch with only a few flowers.

Crab apple blossom, Chiosya, Negrita Tulips and Narcissus Cheerfulness

Narcissus Thalia and Crab Apple blossom

Last weekend I planted out into the cut flower beds the Alstoemerias that I ordered last year at Hampton Court Flower Show; I pulled the stems with buds and flowers as they were rather top heavy.

I planted out the Alstromeria I bought last year and put the flowering stems in a vase with tulips and Dutch Iris

Alstroemeria Indian Summer

Another Ikebana style arrangement

The Dutch Irises are flowering early this year. I think they are perfect for Ikebana style arrangements so decided to use them in my rectangular vase with florists pins for support and small stones to hide the mechanics of the arrangement.

Scented Broom

Also included to pick up on the lemon yellow of the Iris is Scented Broom and a deliciously perfumed Freesia.

Dutch Iris

A couple of double-flowered yellow tulips are also included.

Ikebana style arrangement

With huge thanks as always to Cathy.  Do visit her if you haven’t already.

33 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – truly it is spring

  1. For some reason my first thought when I saw the first arrangement was “bridal bouquet”! It is sooo pretty! A breath of fresh spring air for me up here in the land of snow! 😀

  2. All 3 arrangements are gorgeous, Christina! I wish I could see your garden in person. I was particularly impressed with Alstromeria ‘Indian Summer’ – the stems on my own plant are dinky by comparison.

  3. Christina, these are stunning! The way you have picked out the different tones and colours is to your credit, especially in the last vase. Is that Sisyrinchium striatum in there? What bounty you have available in your spring garden now and I am so pleased you have these to enjoy whilst you have been wrestling with your new computer 😉

  4. Christina your Ikebana vase I love, it is fantastic not only for the flowers but for their disposition. The crab apple is lovely. The Narciso Thalia is a jewel. The Joy Narcissus are wonderful. The Tulips Bold I like them a lot. It’s a magnificent arrangement, I love it, it’s wonderful. The Alstroemerias “Indian Summer”, Tulip and Dutch Iris form a vase that I love, it is special, magnificent. In the other Ikebana type arrangement the Dutch Iris I love as well as the freesia and the tulips. It’s an arrangement that I love, wonderful. Christina has been a blog full of Spring and beauty for your fantastic arrangements and flowers that I love. Have a very good week and enjoy your wonderful garden. Greetings from Margarita.

  5. All beautiful Christina. I love the abundance of the first vase. I should be interested to hear how long the crab apple blossom lasts in a vase. I am impressed at how early your irises and alstroemeria bloom.

    • The Dutch Iris are always early. The Alstoemeria are early because the have been in the greenhouse all winter. They had filled their pots completely so it is good I could get them into the ground.

  6. Beautiful arrangements, Christina. I love apple blossoms for their beauty and delicate scent. With Thalia and Cheerfulness this must perfume the air deliciously. Lovely combo in orange and the clean lines in the rectangular vase are very nice!

  7. Your vases are marvelous. The combination of the single and double narcissus with the dark tulips and crabapples… seeing them all together makes me smile…
    Does Thalia bloom before Cheerfulness for you? It always bloomed rather late in my first garden – after Yellow Cherrfulness and the tazettas at any rate, so I’m curious about bloom times.

  8. Beautiful! So strange to see Indian Summer in flower. Mine have been cut back to ground level by frost a couple of weeks ago and the same may happen again this week by the looks of the forecast. They are a great flower though.

  9. I do agree that one persons” intuitive” is another’s” really complex”. Your flowers look amazing. I love the first arrangement in the Ikebana vase, also the irises in the glass rectangle. All the flowers look so fresh. Today the Spring Green tulips are showing their colours- looking quite fresh too.

  10. Sorry for late commenting but finally have a moment to check out last Monday vases. These are marvelous Christina, just spectacular. Colors are so rich. Dutch iris are winsome. Alstroemerias work so well as cut flowers; not long lived on my garden but someone told me they can be quite aggressive here.

    I have been wondering the name of a daffodil just opening in my garden—possibly sane as your N. Cheerfulness. Foliage is taller than flowers, so hard to see the flowers.

    • No apologies are needed Susie! Dutch irises, like most irises do really well in my garden. The best thing is that they don’t need summer irrigation so I’m thinking of planting more next autumn to enjoy in the garden as well as in vases.

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