In a vase on Monday – Dutch Irises

Another Monday, another vase to share with all the followers of Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who asks us to find flowers to cut from our gardens and bring into our homes to enjoy.

I think I underestimate the value of Dutch Irises in my garden; I shouldn’t as there aren’t many plants that will survive for many years with no summer irrigation.  In some years they appear at the same time as the first Bearded Irises and so perhaps I have undervalued them in comparison to the exuberant blooms of those.

Sometimes I think Irises look best just on their own

I’m afraid that the names of these varieties are lost as I have had them at least 5 years

Pale mauve and Lemon Yellow is a delicate springlike colour

I’ve seen a lovely white in another vase this year and I would love a pure blue the colour of Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’, so if you know the name of one like that I would be most grateful.

Continuing the Ikebana theme from last week, my second vase features a more delicately coloured Iris and some toning stems of other spring blooms.

Butter Yellow, wonderfully perfumed Freesia

Rosa banksia

A stem of Rosa banksia was a special addition

In a vase on Monday

I hope you have a lovely spring gardening week.


27 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Dutch Irises

  1. I love the Dutch irises, they are perfect for a vase and looking at yours, I can’t think why I don’t grow them. They look dreamy with Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’.

  2. They certainly seem to be such good do-ers for you, especially if they do not need irrigation, and your second vase is so delightfully springlike and perfect for the Easter season – the soft yellows are perfect with the pale lilac and the whole vase is perfectly balanced…lovely!

    • Very true. Almost everything requires watering to look really good here. As I don’t irrigate most of the garden, things just survive. The Irises don’t seem to need anything so are great.

  3. Christina your Dutch Iris and the wonderful colors that I love. The Freesia and the Banksiea Rosa are divine. It’s a magnificent Ikebana arrangement, I love it. The wicker vase is divine and gives more beauty to the arrangement. You know Christina, it’s nonsense, years ago I saw a short of Disney and some flames with very long, stretched arms, legs and body danced to the sound of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. They had yellow colors in the center, orange in the middle and blue and purple at the ends. This memory has come to my mind and I have been reminded of the Dutch Irises. As I told you, silly, but I could not stop telling you. Have a happy week of gardening and the weather is with you. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. Lady Banks’ roses, Freesia AND the perfect Dutch Iris to complement them – that’s a major hit, Christina! In the past, I’d dismissed Dutch Irises myself, assuming that they’d be water hogs, but they’ve comported themselves beautifully in my often drought-stricken garden. I’ve planted more the last 2 years after my first batch did well. Now I think it’s time for me to branch out into other colors like those you’ve shown here.

  5. Both are beautiful! I have a fondness for Dutch irises; they were among the very first flowers I ever planted, many years ago at our first house. Bit I truly love the second arrangement with the the woven container. Happy spring!

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