In a vase on Monday – very pink

Life has been busy, but in a good way; I missed the Easter Monday IAVOM, although I had made two vases one as a gift for our hostess for Easter Sunday lunch and a basket of spring flowers for a Pizza lunch I hosted for ‘Pasquetta’ – Easter Monday.

Easter Basket

Easter Basket

The image of the gift seems to have disappeared.  As I mentioned before I’m having problems getting to grips with my new laptop and am using my old machine for blogging at the moment as I’m incapable of resizing my images to post so i’m assuming they are only on the new machine!

Today’s vase is PINK.  Wonderfully perfumed garden pinks plus Lavender stoechas, Nocotiana mutabilis and Artemisia ‘Powys Castle’.

In a vase on Monday – mostly gardens pinks

One of the reasons I’ve been busy is that I’ve been in Puglia hunting for orchids with Liz from The Blooming Garden, we both going to post this week so you can share in our pleasure.

Do check in with Cathy at Rambling in the garden to see more vases today.

Have a great week.

41 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – very pink

  1. Christina the Easter Basket is a charm. Do not worry about your new computer, be patient with it and when you least expect it you will be an expert. The vase is magnificent, I love it. The roses are divine. Lavender stoeches is wonderful, I have it in my garden. I like the Nocotiana mutabillis. The Artemisia “Powys Castle” with its silver gray color highlights the roses and is spectacular. It is a divine vase. I love your occupation, it will have been very nice. Thank you, have a good week too. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

      • You do not have to thank me Christina, you keep investigating and fiddling with the new computer, without fear, even if you put an error. Do not listen to it. You’ll see how you handle it well in no time at all. Greetings and memories of Margarita.

  2. Your basket is so pretty and what a lovely effect for Easter – the tulips in it are especially pretty. We can be sure the hostess gift was equally delightful even if you can’t find the image to prove it! The grey of the artemesia foliage is the perfect shade to set off the delicate pink shades in the vase, which must smell divine with both ‘pinks’ and nicotiana. I am sure the orchid hunting expedition was a great experience, especially in the company of a fellow blogger and I have been eagerly awaiting a report from you both 🙂

  3. ps so sorry about yor IT frustrations – it makes everything so much harder. When we visited my Mum recently she wanted to keep me there to help her with her tech issues – not that I am an expert in any way, just reasonably confident in teasing out how to solve minor issues

  4. A very pretty Easter basket (your hostess must have been thrilled) and this week is also lovely. I love pink and silver together. I have patch of clove pinks that I insist everyone smells when it is in bloom – fortunately it is in a raised bed so they don’t have to bend down too far!

  5. I’m glad you were off having fun, Christina. Your Easter basket was a lovely creation and your pink and silver composition is wonderful as well. I look forward to seeing your orchid pics too.

  6. Wow, orchid hunting sounds exciting, and with Chloris at your side no doubt a revelation too. She is so knowledgeable about plants, especially exotic ones. Your Easter basket is stunning – looks so professional! Love the silvery foliage with your pink flowers too. 🙂

  7. A delightful Easter basket Christina and a most pretty in pink vase. I’m just read Chloris’s fascinating account of your trip and thought of you when I saw all those photos of irises. Now off to read your post 😄

  8. The basket of flowers is beautiful and I love the pinks and Artemisia. I’ve been way behind reading posts but you’d mentioned the pinks in a comment on my blog so wanted to see. They look great with the silvery foliage of Artemisia. My artemisia had died out and I replaced it last year. Glad to have it back.

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