In a vase on Monday – Glorious Irises

This week another vase from me that was a gift for my lunch hostess yesterday.  On this occasion when I asked what I could bring she said she would love flowers from my garden – a real compliment as flowers are rarely a hostess gift here (only I seem to do it).

So the flowers where picked yesterday and as I know she loves flowers I tried to take what is best at this moment in my garden, and that has to be Irises!

thank goodness it was yesterday as today the wind has been terrible and I know several of the iris stems (which are all much taller this year from from reason) have been beaten down.  On the bright side I will be able to make a vase for myself too with the broken stems.

Bearded Iris

This year some of the irises that I’ve had for a couple of years without them flowering are all flowering and unusually almost all of them are flowering at once which means the garden is looking amazing but the show will be over very soon.

Centranthus ruber White form used as a filler along with Phlomis for a contrast with the purple/pink coloured Iris.

In a vase on Monday

Although I often like to see Irises displayed without foliage on this occasion I wanted to have some green to reflect the colour in the garden at the present time.  There is a lot of Lunaria annua (Honesty) in the woodland path border at the moment and although I will let some set seed and some will be picked for dry arrangements I thought the green unripe seed heads would form a good strong back ground for the strong shapes of the irises. for a touch of light airiness I included 3 stems of Stipa gigantea which began flowering this week.

I wonder what others will choose for their vases this week.  Visit Ina Vase on Monday: Delicate to see vases from around the world.


34 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Glorious Irises

  1. Lovely irises Christina. The Lunaria worked well in the arrangement I think. Nice choice. My irises need dividing. People here are much more likely to bring wine than flowers (which is nice too).

  2. This is gorgeous Christina. As you know I adore irises and these are so pretty. I know they don’t last long but they are worth every minute.What a wonderful gift for your hostess. The white centranthus looks lovely with them.

    • Irises are one of my favourite flowers, not just because they are so varied and beautiful and some have amazing perfume but because they do so well in my garden, I like their foliage too.

  3. Christina I am very sorry that the wind is so strong and is making havoc in your garden. The bouquet for your hostess I love: I’m sure you’ll be fascinated. I love the bearded iris because of its shape and its colors. The purple / pink Irises are divine. The white Centrathus is lovely. I like Phlomis a lot. I love the green background of Lunaria annua. It is a magnificent vase, I love how the irises are. Have a good week. And let the wind cease. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. I wish I had the range of bearded Irises that you do, Christina. Mine have done very poorly in general since our drought conditions intensified but I’ve been hoping to see a difference this year with all the rain winter brought us. I’m still waiting…

  5. How different the effect of the iris are with all the added foliage – the unripe honesty seed pods look so effective in the mix along with the centranthus, and the yellow phlomis is a great contrast, picking out the hints of yellow in the iris. I am sure your hostess will have been delighted with them and, as you say, it was gratifying that this is the sort of gift she wanted you to bring. Thanks for sharing it with us too

  6. As always your irises are a joy Christina and what a compliment to be asked for some of your flowers as a gift. I’m off to Malvern this week where there is going to be a display of them by a branch of the Iris Society. Looking forward to seeing them 😄

  7. Most of my garden is too shady for irises, so I envy yours. I love the color combination in your arrangement. Your are a gifted gardener and flower arranger. Wishing you the best! Deb

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