September vase

Every year at this time the Jerusalem artichokes begin to flower.

They look quite amazing in the garden.

The tallest that are supporting themselves on the dead Leylandii must be well over 2 metres tall. I find it impossible to thin the tubers out enough to get a harvestable crop, but I do enjoy the flowers as it is lovely to have something different at this time of year.

The other September flower is of course what we used to call Asters (that’s what I’m still calling them). Here they are even called Setembrini.

So I filled a large vase with just these two flowers.

Placed on the mantle shelf in the sitting room, I’m enjoying this splash of colour very much.

36 thoughts on “September vase

  1. Christina, what a joy to see your blog again. Jerusalem artichokes are divine, they have a beautiful golden yellow color. The Asters (I still call them that) lila I really like them. Both flowers together make a magnificent bouquet, fabulous and cheerful, I love how the flowers are in the vase. Christina I’ve missed you so much. I hope you are in good health and mood. Enjoy your wonderful garden. I send my best wishes full of love to a good friend. Take care. Affectionate greetings from Margarita xx

  2. Lovely flowers. I have never tried Jeusalem artichokes but hear they are quite tasty. Did the Leylandi succumb to drought? Hope all is well with you Christina, and your summer has been a good one. 🙂

  3. I remember your Jerusalem artichoke flowers from other years, Christina, and how pretty they are; with the asters they are a perfect combination. Good to have a vase from you – they have been missed

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