IAVOM – Zinnias the stars

With the rain even the Zinnias are looking fresher and producing quite prolifically again.

There are Zinnias, Asters including ‘Monte Cassino’, Holy Basil flowers and seed heads and some Achillea.

Above a larger arrangement in the sitting room with the same flowers as above with the addition of Perovskia.

With my thanks to Cathy at ‘ Rambling in the Garden’ who hosts this popular meme.

I have been using my phone for my recent posts. Do you notice any difference in the quality of the images?

20 thoughts on “IAVOM – Zinnias the stars

  1. Your zinna arrangement is lovely! Mine have flopped over, succumbing to the heat and powdery mildew. I will enjoy your vase since mine are not pretty enough to pick anymore. Just letting mine go in order to gather a few seed heads for next year.

  2. Christina is glad that thanks to the rain your Zinnias continue to grow in abundance. Your first arrangement, the Ikebana, is magnificent, I love it. I had never seen the flowers of Holy Basil and they are wonderful and with many healing effects. The Zinnias and the Asters are my favorites. It is a divine Ikebana arrangement. I love your second vase, its colors are fantastic. The Zinnias are wonderful, especially the roses; and Perovskia gives it a special touch with its color and texture. It is a magnificent vase, I love it. Your photos with your mobile phone are perfect, divine: the colors take them fabulous just like the flowers, I love them. Have a great week, my dear friend. Take care Greetings from Margarita.

    • Thank you Margarita. I think that probably the problem was more that I was making the images too small. I have busy week this week so no more posts until next week.

  3. Wonderful! I love the white aster and those beautiful lime-green zinnias. I meant to plant some of the latter in my cutting garden this year but I fell down on the job.

  4. Wow, go big or go home. I love these. The Holy Basil must be a sight. I am just starting Zinnias here and you have inspired me! The first vase is really cool and the big Aster stems add great texture. Your photos look great, I got a new cell camera and the focus is a bit weird, I may have figured it out, maybe!

  5. I love the green zinnias Christina. Both arrangements are wonderfully full and exuberant. Your pictures are fine. I’ve been using my phone camera for years and am happy with the results.

  6. This bouquet looks so pretty! I like to do them on my own, also, and place them in my flat. It makes me proud of myself that I managed to grow such beautiful flowers and that I can make use of them. Zinnias are amazing and adorable plants. I like them because it is easy to grow them and I have never had any problems with them. This year was different because I ordered mix of seeds from https://gardenseedsmarket.com/garden-dahlia-unwins.html which sprouted longer than usually but finally I could enjoy their beauty!

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