10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday sunny November day

    • We had a very wet September, Kris followed by a lovely warm October. November started with rain but today was glorious; the garden is looking better and better. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for rain in LA for you.

  1. Christina, what a joy to see your blog again. I hope you are very well. Seeing flowers and sun at the time we are in is a luxury and a wonder: enjoy it. Here in Madrid it is cold and finally it rains with the lack that makes us. It has even snowed in the mountains. Your photo is like a raft to hold on to. Thank you very much for her. Take care Affectionate greetings from Margarita xx

  2. It’s amazing how easily plants rebound once the rains return. Some just look so lifeless you would never think it’s possible.
    Here the cold is returning and most of the garden is dying down. We’re on opposite schedules!

    • I am more and more aware how different the seasons affect our gardens around the world. How short the gardening season is in so many places, something most UK gardeners really don’t appreciate. There are plants that perform well in all seasons in the English climate whereas certainly here in Italy it is a question of which plants will survive the heat and drought of summer to give pleasure in other seasons – the reality which I have long fought against is that in the summer virtually nothing actually looks good.

    • Hi Diana. Thank you so much for your thinking of me at this difficult time. I am well and self isolation at home and in the garden is not hard. Our weather this spring has been lovely. Do take care yourself; this virus travels very fast and conditions change very fast too.

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