Wild Flower Wednesday

On Sunday we drove to Orvieto to watch the Corpus Domini Procession, during the drive we were open mouthed at the number of poppies, some fields were completely red.  We stopped by a lane that was sprinkled with various flowers, some I’ve never seen before, but all were lovely.

The bright red contrasts so well with the vibrant green.

Beautiful close up

….and in the distance

This delicate viola stole my heart

These I’ve not seen before but they look garden worthy!

…..and this is what we went to see!

Men in tights!

wearing beautiful shoes.

Word for Wednesday – Repose

Repose, garden walk garden talk has found some great images to represent this word.

Sadly today I’m very short of time but I wanted to join in so here are a couple of images, you may have to work out why they mean repose to me yourself!

The seed of Ascelepia tubarosa reposes against Rosa L D Braithwaite

Rain drops reposing on the stems of Gaura

A spider reposes on its web - or is it just waiting for prey

Reposing - what cats do best

Autumn a time for nature to repose but not for gardeners.