May 29th 2016 A new place to sit

At last another part of the plan for the Woodland walk has been completed.  I wanted to have some paving in front of the huge Bay block that is in line with the front door so is a very strong feature when stepping out into the garden. Continue reading


A Secret Garden

Slowly I am progressing with the redesign of what were the formal beds.  I have been working on attaching wires to posts for the Trachelospermum hedge. Using wire fencing might have been an easier option but I think it would have looked very ugly while the hedge was growing, at least the wires are almost invisible. Continue reading

Garden Bloggers Foliage Day – Planting

Welcome to September Garden bloggers Foliage Day (GBFD) where I invite you to share your thoughts about foliage, whether a single plant that catches your eye this month or a plant that you grow primarily for flowers but that rewards you for the rest of the year with beautiful foliage or this is a good place to record how your foliage looks on a monthly basis.  However you decide to use the meme you are very welcome, just link to and from this post.  Continue reading

GBFD – Changes to the garden 4

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Foliage Day, the place to share all the things you love (or even hate) about the foliage in your garden.  To join in just leave a link to and from this post; whether you want to share all the beautiful foliage in your garden, or would like to highlight one plant, or tell us about how you use foliage in your garden; you are most welcome Continue reading

The formal garden now – Changes 2

My mind is full of ideas and plans – just what I love!  In my post outlining some of the options for changing the Formal garden, here, I failed to show you any currant images; I think it is always difficult to imagine exactly what a garden is like to be in without seeing it in person.  However much I follow blogs regularly and think I know them when I have had the pleasure of actually seeing them I have always been surprised by what I didn’t know or realise. Continue reading