May 17th 2016 – Stormy skies

Another weekend when the weather was not being kind to anyone who is only at home and able to enjoy their gardens at the weekend.  There was some sun, but also stormy skies and thundery showers.  Interesting light for photography though so I thought I’d share a few general views of the garden under leaden skies. Continue reading

The West View from the Terrace – all change

I began posting about the view west at the end of May as interest in the Spring Walk faded.  I soon discovered that the bed in front of the terrace was not very satisfying and realised that I needed to spend time during the summer thinking about how it could be improved. Continue reading

From the terrace looking west and the cutting bed

Yesterday evening there was a thunder storm that rumbled around for hours but sadly it rained for only a short time. The ground was wet this morning but has now dried out under the scorching sun; the weekend is forecast to be cooler with more storms; I hope they are right about the temperatures and some more rain would be lovely but storms I can live without because the threat of hail is ever present with a storm and strong winds are always cruel to the garden. Continue reading

The West View from the Terrace

The main difference in the view this week is the distant view outside the garden. The hay has been cut and wound into huge rolls; the uncut grass is now golden yellow – the colour of the countryside in summer.

Inside the garden Stipa tenuissima is also showing its golden locks. Continue reading

From the Terrace Looking West – an introduction

I’m glad several of you voted for the view from the terrace as the view for me to show on Fridays during summer. When I looked back through all my photographs to show how it began and progressed to this point I found very few images. Now why is that? Maybe because it is the view I see from the sitting room window or because it is here that we usually sit for an aperitivo so I am so familiar with the view that I never photograph it. Or is it because it isn’t as pleasing as it could be; there are images of the setting sun; this is one of the best places to enjoy the amazing colours that fill the sky. Continue reading