The Slope on Thursday and some views for GBBD

Today the sun is shining very brightly, you can see it was so strong the images dazzle with the light.

This week there was a severe weather warning for my part of Italy; strong winds, thunder storms and hail were all forecast. So far we’ve had a thunder storm but it didn’t rain very much and even though it is very sunny it is also windy. Continue reading

GBBD – Spring has arrived

So the first Bloomday of spring is here!  Even though our winter here in Italy has been mercifully mild (maybe too mild, I saw a locust the other day – not a good sign) it is still a good feeling to know that spring is here and soon there will be no fear of very cold nights doing any damage to new crops planted outside. Continue reading

GBBD still more summer than winter

Bloomday has been sunny and warm but when I took the photos this morning everything was wet; wet from the rain yesterday and from the frost that enveloped the garden in the latter part of the night.  As before Christmas the temperature seems to have only fallen to zero or perhaps one degree below. Continue reading

GBBD December surprises

You could well be forgiven for thinking that I’d uploaded the wrong file of images to Flickr this month.  The abundance of roses and salvias make you think more of May than December!  Perhaps the only really seasonal plant is Mahonia.  I moved the Mahonia from by the drive where I should have been able to enjoy the flowers and perfume through the winter to the back border because the other position was in full sun in a border I never irrigate and this didn’t suit the Mahonia at all, I even thought it had died in August.  Now it is in light shade and will receive regular irrigation throughout summer.  I hope it will grow large and make its presence felt in the border. Continue reading

GBBD There are blooms today!

The middle of November already, where has 2013 gone?  With such a gentle autumn with rain and sun and mild temperatures day and night there are still plenty of blooms in the garden.  Yes, there are the usual suspects, the plants that flower reliably for most of the year and they are not appreciated any less by me for that reason, they deserve their inclusion in GBBD as much as any prima donnas who excite with their rare presence.  I‘m joining Carol at May Dreams where gardeners from all over the world share what’s flowering today in their gardens. Continue reading

GBBD – Fresh October

I arrived home too late to join in Bloomday last month.  Although there had been major rainfall the temperatures were relatively high and the garden still had that faded summer look.  October has brought with it more rain in significant quantities and now the temperatures are lower especially at night.  At last the garden looks FRESH, with many of the roses re-flowering so I’m happy to be joining in this month. Continue reading

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- July’s Summer Bounty

I missed the deadline of the 15th for GBBD but I wanted to take photos for my own records so I will share with you what is flowering on the 16th July.

The rain during the last weeks combined with below average temperatures mean that the garden is a pleasure to be in and that many more flowers are blooming for a longer period of time.  Roses have usually given up by now, but there are lots in the garden.  I think the Perovskia is the best it has ever been and even Cistus are continuing to flower.  Foliage is lush; the garden is at last full of butterflies and bees and now that it has become hot the cicadas fill the air with their chattering sound. Continue reading