Falling in love again….

It has been ages since I posted anything that wasn’t either ‘In a vase on Monday’,  my ‘Tuesday View’ or about foliage for Garden bloggers’ Foliage day. There is a reason for the lack of posts – during the long hot period of drought the garden wants to sleep much as it would do in a northern winter, but to me the period of rest is less tranquil than sleeping under a blanket of snow; the plants fight to survive, the dormancy a forced shutdown that leaves even many drought tolerant plants looking dreadful and herbaceous plants and deciduous trees look as if they are slowly cooking. Continue reading

May 28th 2016 My thoughts on the slope planting

I see the slope every time I come home; it forms the right side of the drive with the olive trees to the left.

I’ve written a lot in the past about how the slope was planted with plants that were already growing well in other parts of the garden and especially with plants that were happy enough to be self seeding.  Looking at the planting now I find it very interesting how the different plants form colonies and drifts with little interference from me. Continue reading

My thoughts- The Three Tarragons: French, Russian and Mexican

The Three Tarragons: French, Russian and Mexican

On Monday I shared with you a vase of flowers and I asked if any of you recognised what they were. I thought I knew, but I was wrong and in the land of blogging there is always someone who knows the right answer! Continue reading

The formal garden now – Changes 2

My mind is full of ideas and plans – just what I love!  In my post outlining some of the options for changing the Formal garden, here, I failed to show you any currant images; I think it is always difficult to imagine exactly what a garden is like to be in without seeing it in person.  However much I follow blogs regularly and think I know them when I have had the pleasure of actually seeing them I have always been surprised by what I didn’t know or realise. Continue reading

2015.08.02 Plans for changing the garden 1

As my regular readers will know I have decided to change the design of the area in front of the terrace.  The loss of the box at the corners of the beds means that, for me, the integrity of the design has been lost.  This is the first of what I’m sure will be numerous posts discussing my idea, wishes and what the possibilities are for this area. Continue reading

Tulips 2015 – My thoughts

Looking back over my photographs of tulips for this year I realise that the season was very short.  A few appeared at the end of March but the majority were completely finished by the end of April, a few very late varieties in shady spots have clung on until this week but not in a way to make any kind of show.

I have a memory that last year I spent weeks walking along the, then, new spring walk.  I was disappointed that so few of the tulips in the spring walk actually flowered again this year.  There are a couple of possible reasons.

  1. Mice ate some of the bulbs during the summer or winter; I did find some holes while I was weeding the bed in early spring.
  2. The plants of Sisyrinchium had bulked up so thickly the shoots of the bulbs couldn’t force their way through.

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GBFD a dilemma

For Garden Bloggers Foliage Day I usually encourage you to share some particularly beautiful foliage in your garden at present or describe how you use foliage to enhance your garden.

As my regular readers will know I depend heavily on foliage to give form, structure and texture to my garden.  Foliage is the most important feature during the middle of summer when few plants are flowering.  The formal garden is basically composed of three plants, Lavender hedging, Perovskia in the centre and Box cut-off pyramids at the corners.

The beautiful Box in 2014

The beautiful Box in 2014

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Is Linnaeus turning in his grave?

A couple of weeks ago I innocently put the up-dated name of Jacobaea maritima In my post about the slope on Thursday. Kris of Late to the Garden Party commented that she hadn’t realised that the name had been changed and that it was becoming more and more difficult to keep up with all the name changes that are occurring and that she was considering returning to using common names so that everyone would know which plant was being described. I hadn’t known the name had changed either but has looked it up to check the spelling, it was then I saw that its name has changed completely.

Rain soaked foliage of Seneccio

Rain soaked foliage of Seneccio

That was how I captioned the image but no, I was wrong it should now be Jacobaea maritima.

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