Happy Women’s Day

A very Happy Women’s Day to all my female readers.  It is quite a big celebration day in Italy with many women going out to dinner in groups or to a film or for aperitivi.

Mimosa is the usual flower associated with the day.

Here are some pretty flowers to light your day.

Mimosa in a vase

This is the mimosa I showed you before, it only lasted about 5 days in the vase.

Hyacinth ‘Sylphide’

Anemone coronaria ‘Mr Fokka’


Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’

Have a lovely day



I’m sure that many of you are waking up to the news that there has been a severe earthquake in central Italy about 150 km from where we live.

We were woken at about 3.30 am by a door or window datelining violently, I thought it sounds like a trapped animal trying to escape and my husband went to investigate;  A few seconds later it happened again and I guessed that it was possibly an earthquake; there is a reason that my garden soil is entirely volcanic rock!

About half an hour later I felt the bed shake and the door began to rattle again, this was a much shorter shock but felt stronger to me.

My thoughts are with the people of the town of Amatrice, where by the way, the pasta sauce amatriciana comes from; I expect many of you will have heard of it or even eaten it.

This puts into perspective some of life’s other trials and problems; no damage as far as I can see to My Hesperides Garden, Christina


Looking good today 

This is being posted from my iPhone so lacking the links I would like to be adding. 

Today has been too hot, now in the late evening it is a pleasure to be outside listening to frogs and birds?

The lights put in last autumn in the new area created when the formal beds were removed are adding to the enjoyment of the garden immensely. 

Are you able to enjoy your garden at night?

Wildlife Wednesday – A Perfect Storm

I have never re-blogged anything before but I believe we, as gardeners have a responsibility to the wildlife in our gardens.  If all of you re-blogged (now called press this) we could really spread the word.  Thank you to Julie for bringing this to our attention.

Inspired by Tammy’s Casa Mariposa blog, I have been trying for some time to compile a list of UK Garden Centres and Nurseries which sell plants without neonics – systemic insecticide us…

Source: Wildlife Wednesday – A Perfect Storm