Perfect poisons for pollinators – available from your local garden centre

Perfect poisons for pollinators – available from your local garden centre

I wrote about this last year when I first read the report. It is very sad that the RHS hasn’t done more to be sure that their ‘Pollinator Friendly’ label isn’t being used on plants that are probably lethal to bees

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We try to make our garden welcoming for bees by growing flowers that provide pollen and nectar throughout the season. We also have some unkempt areas they might want to nest in and we don’t use any pesticides. I enjoy watching the bees foraging on the flowers as they come in to bloom and currently a large cotoneaster bush is full of small bumblebees buzzing loudly as they feed in the sunshine. It’s been very exciting this year to see bumblebees and solitary bees nesting in the dry-stone walls around the garden.

When we need new plants or compost, there is one local garden centre we use. It has a good range of healthy-looking plants and a very nice tearoom! In early spring, it’s also an excellent place to watch one of my favourite bees, the hairy-footed flower bee (Anthophora plumipes), whizzing about in the greenhouses full of flowers…

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Happy Women’s Day

A very Happy Women’s Day to all my female readers.  It is quite a big celebration day in Italy with many women going out to dinner in groups or to a film or for aperitivi.

Mimosa is the usual flower associated with the day.

Here are some pretty flowers to light your day.

Mimosa in a vase

This is the mimosa I showed you before, it only lasted about 5 days in the vase.

Hyacinth ‘Sylphide’

Anemone coronaria ‘Mr Fokka’


Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’

Have a lovely day