A busy gardening week

Since last Saturday it has been perfect gardening weather.  I have taken full advantage; I weeded and mulched the two evergreen shrub beds and weeded and cut back the now combined circular rose bed and small island – still haven’t thought of a proper name for this bed yet!   Continue reading


October favourite views

October has been the most glorious month (so far, as we have been promised storms and rain from Sunday).  I am now sure that autumn is my favourite season.  The gardens comes back to life (literally) after the furnace that is summer; Early September saw some lovely rain but October has been dry. Continue reading

Afternoon light in winter

For the past few days the light in the afternoon has been different from the rest of the day and different from other times of year.  As I write on Friday afternoon at 5 pm the wind is blowing a gale and hail is hitting the west and north-west facing windows; it is very nearly dark now.  On Wednesday I managed to brave the cold to take a few photographs. Continue reading