April 8th 2016 No apologies

I mentioned that we have been walking in the local lanes as part of my husband’s rehabilitation; it is a great time of year to be doing this as day by day the wild flowers are beginning to flower just as much as in the garden.

A couple of day’s ago Richard returned full of excitement; he had just seen one of the sheep in a field very close to us give birth; well, to be totally honest  he didn’t witness the actual birth but he arrived on the scene moments later when the umbilical cord was still attached to the lamb and it had just got to its feet.  The following day I went too; this may or may not be the lamb he saw!

New lambs are so snowy white in comparison to their mothers

New lambs are so snowy white in comparison to their mothers

It is unlikely that the two lambs are twins; they aren’t bred for that here; the lambs are a by-product of the need for the ewes to produce milk for our local famous Pecorino cheese. Continue reading

Nature Notes – A surprise visitor

This is the first time I have joined Ramblingwoods for her weekly meme about nature.

I have written about some of the wildlife in the garden from time to time; I gardenin an  environmentally friendly way; I don’t use any chemicals in the garden to allow beneficial insects to do any pest control for me.  I leave plant debris for creatures to hide, hibernate and nest.

I had no idea what I would share with you today until I went outside to put the washing line away and saw a creature I’d never seen in the garden before!  I had seen them in other people’s gardens but never, never here, quickly I dashed inside to get the camera; I know they are famous for not moving very quickly but that isn’t actually always true.  So what was my visiting creature? Continue reading

The Slope on Tuesday 13th August

The weather continues to be extremely hot.  The garden is just surviving, but not thriving. It is times like this that I think I should only have plants that positively relish hot, drought conditions in the garden.

Looking up from near the gate, looking very dry

Looking up from near the gate, looking very dry

Continue reading