Wordless Wednesday – Rays of sunshine

Seedlings of Stipa tenuissima pushing through the ground with new shoots of Achillea 

Yellow crocus with Euphorbia myrsinites

Yellow crocus with Euphorbia myrsinites

Open to the sunshine today

Wordless Wednesday – end of the crop

Last of the ripe red, yellow and orange peppers

Despite the cold weather this autumn I think this is the latest that I’ve picked ripe peppers.  They were planted in the bed between the rows of olives so they were protected from cold winds and the first frosts.  I picked these on Monday knowing that they wouldn’t survive the hard frost of Monday night.  Once they were roasted I removed their skins and seeds and have frozen most for future use the rest I’ll dress with new season oil, capers and preserved lemons.

I also picked all the green ones and put them in the fridge; they won’t ripen now, but I can still use them in stir fries for a while.