The Cutting Garden in October and a vase

We are almost at the end of another month and it is again time to review the cuttings bed.

Julie has said that she won’t be posting this month as sadly she can’t get out into the garden; so if you would like to leave your links here, I’d be very happy to coordinate and host for this month. Continue reading

In a Vase on Monday – eye protection required

Cathy at Rambling in the garden managed to post a beautiful vase today even if she is hundreds of miles from home!  Our challenge is to find something in our own gardens to put in a vase to enjoy all week.

The cutting gardens is very full of flowers, I’m not keeping up with picking at all so today spurred on by this meme I picked buckets of flowers.  Chose which you like best, and let me know. Continue reading

A Vase on Monday A mix of colours

Today’s vase is quite a mixture of colours but I think they harmonise well together and the flowers certainly shout “It’s Spring”.  Thank you Cathy for encouraging me to pick flowers to bring inside; it is something I’ve always found difficult to do as I generally hate to rob the borders; but I do love having cut flowers, especially perfumed so this meme makes me look hard for what can be spared.  When there are flowers in the cuttings bed I will have no excuse at all, but it will be a while before there are flowers ready to pick.  If you would like to see what others have found to pick today do visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden; better still why not pick some flowers yourself and join in! Continue reading

A Vase on the first Monday in March

I’m joining in with Cathy for her Vase on Monday meme.  Do check out her post so see what others are finding in their gardens today worthy of being arranged (or not as in my case).

At last there are enough Anemone Sylphide that I don’t mind picking some for inside the house.

The stems are a little long, I have since shortened them

The stems are a little long, I have since shortened them

There is no underlying story to the choice of flowers today, just that I love Anemone for their colour saturated richness.

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Anemone Sylphide and Artimesia 'Powys Castle'

Anemone Sylphide and Artimesia ‘Powys Castle’

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The long view and a vase of flowers

I am a day late posting the long view to link with Heather at Xericstyle on the first of every month.  The view today is lush and full, despite frost almost every day last week the garden still looks more spring-like than autumnal or wintery.  There aren’t any obvious flowers in this view unlike in some other parts of the garden, some of which you can see in the second half of the post about a vase. Continue reading