Tuesday View – a little touch of autumn 31st October 2017

The weather has changed; there is now only a few hours in the afternoon when it is warm and pleasant; in the mornings there is a nip in the air.  The light has changed.  There is even a little autumn colour in the garden caused by the warmish days and cold nights.   Continue reading

GBFD – Sunshine, blue sky, I’m smiling

Welcome to Garden Blogger’s Foliage Day, where I celebrate the foliage that is the most important feature of my garden.  Today, as you can see from my title is sunny and after a cold start is now beautifully warm.

Looking across the garden from the top of the drive

Looking across the garden from the top of the drive

Apart from the leafless trees this scene looks more like summer.

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The Slope on Thursday – Early November rain and sun

Before I show you the slope, here’s a weather report to update you on the situation in Lazio.  Last week, as I think I mentioned was COLD; time for warmer duvets and a warm fleece for the garden and slippers for walking on the cool tiled floors.  But the weekend it was all change, I awoke to bright warm sunshine, warm enough for breakfast and lunch outside and to still be grateful for the remaining foliage on the wisteria to provide shade.  Time, also to enjoy a walk by Lake Bolsena   Continue reading

The slope on Thursday – A little autumn colour!

Monday and Tuesday were perfect autumn days; perfect gardening days too!  Sunny, warm but not too hot it was a pleasure to be in the garden.  Wednesday afternoon brought sheet lightening, thunder and lots of rain which continued intermittently overnight and into the early morning.  There is a strong breeze too today making the drying leaves rustle on the trees.

I know that autumn is here even if I want to live in denial a little longer; I know because the days are becoming shorter but I know most because the shield bugs are coming into the house to find suitable hibernation sites, I carefully remove them, not daring to squash them because of the pungent, long-lasting odour they emit.  I’m sure that during summer they don’t produce the odour so it seems to be a way of protecting themselves while they are hiding.  Strangely I have the impression that very few survive the hibernation process as I find lots of darkly coloured ones dead.  There are many kinds of shield bug (aptly called smelly ones in Italian), the type that come into the house are, I think, Piezodorus lituratus or gorse shield bug; the name obviously references the bad smell they emit. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday 21st November

This week has been noticeably colder, the fire has been a welcome necessity in the evening and some mornings it would have been nice to have some heat in the bathroom; I think now is the moment the heating will have to be turned on at least for the mornings and evenings, during the day it is warm enough if you are working. Continue reading