The Spring Walk and Back Border – the story continues

Well I was wrong again! At least half of the Spring Walk continues to give satisfaction. Continue reading

The Spring Walk and back border 8th May- The end of Spring

This will be the last weekly post on the spring walk, spring is over now and so I’ll choose another view of border to show you each week.

I’ll still show what’s happening here but probably not in a post of its own.

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The Spring Walk – Back Border

I mentioned last autumn that I was extending and changing the planting in the back border to create a spring walk.  I was also toying with the idea of adding a pleached hedge of Lime (Tilia) or Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus).  I’m still thinking about this as maybe a pleached hedge would block out a lot of the sky from my kitchen window (not so good); it would also obscure the view of the nearest house (good). Continue reading