GBFD – June sunshine and rain

Welcome to  GBFD, when I encourage you think about the effect foliage has on the overall design of your garden. You are welcome to write about any foliage, it can be a plant you have only for its foliage interest or better perhaps if you think about a plan that flowers for a limited time but its foliage is beautiful or interesting or makes an interesting form for a longer period.

The difference between May and June is hardly credible, I looked at last month’s post to remind myself of what I had shown, I don’t want to always share the same views or plants.  But even the same plant groupings look very different this month so there are some repetitions.  We have had massive amounts of rain in the last week, beginning last Saturday there have been thunder storms and heavy rain almost every day.  It seems that we will have a few days of hot sun but the rain is predicted to return on Thursday or Friday (but that’s a long way off in forecasting terms so who knows if it will rain again or not as we are approaching the time when the summer drought usually begins in earnest. Continue reading