Garden Bloggers Foliage Day – May

Welcome to GBFD, we I ask you to think about the foliage in your garden rather than the flowers; when I walked out into the garden late yesterday evening to take some images of foliage that was making an impact in the garden I thought that it would be impossible to take any wide angle shots because May is when everything flowers in my garden.

However I was wrong!  The very hot beginning to May has meant that many plants have flowered and have now decided a rest is in order and have finished. Continue reading

GBFD a dilemma

For Garden Bloggers Foliage Day I usually encourage you to share some particularly beautiful foliage in your garden at present or describe how you use foliage to enhance your garden.

As my regular readers will know I depend heavily on foliage to give form, structure and texture to my garden.  Foliage is the most important feature during the middle of summer when few plants are flowering.  The formal garden is basically composed of three plants, Lavender hedging, Perovskia in the centre and Box cut-off pyramids at the corners.

The beautiful Box in 2014

The beautiful Box in 2014

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