In a vase on Easter Monday – Jewel colours and some froth

A very Happy Easter Monday, I hope you have been able to enjoy the long weekend, either in your garden or with family and friends.  As it is a special weekend, my flowers today were prepared on Saturday. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – End of March

Today’s vase is the last for March and looking back I realise I’ve been so lucky to have tulips in vases in the house since the end of January.  Now the tulips are in full flower in the garden so I will enjoy most of them there although I’m sure some will find their way into a vase! Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – A real Princess

My tulips in pots in the greenhouse have now almost all been picked, I do have 15 Exotic Emperor still in the fridge which I’m going to plant today just to see how long they take to flower when they’ve had a very long chill and the growing conditions are warm; but the tulip season in the garden has already begun so hopefully I’ll have tulips for several more weeks.  I say hopefully because while walking around the garden yesterday I found 10 stems of T. Brown Sugar laying on the ground, their stems having been biten through by mice I presume. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Spring and Summer

I’ve been in Suffolk for the last four days and as expected when I walked around as soon as I got back early yesterday evening everything had changed!  Irises were flowering and those not flowering were full of bud.  Dianthus were filling the air with their cinnamon perfume and the Clair Matin roses on the pillars of the terrace were in full flower.

The irises I had thought I would be able to use for my vase for today’s In a vase on Monday hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden had already finished; so what to choose? Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday 27th March

The weather has been wintery since last Thursday; it seems unusual to have such a long period of cold temperatures in March but I don’t think that is true, it can snow in this part of Italy in March!
So it is lucky I didn’t have time to plant some of the tomatoes out as I had intended, fortunately the sunflowers are tougher than I suspected and are still alive, but they haven’t grown at all this week. On Monday night the temperature in the greenhouse fell to 2.8° C and there was frost on the solar panel, which it has to be said seems to have frost on it when nothing else does, there must be some logical reason for this but nothing springs to mind.

Continue reading

A Vase on Monday A mix of colours

Today’s vase is quite a mixture of colours but I think they harmonise well together and the flowers certainly shout “It’s Spring”.  Thank you Cathy for encouraging me to pick flowers to bring inside; it is something I’ve always found difficult to do as I generally hate to rob the borders; but I do love having cut flowers, especially perfumed so this meme makes me look hard for what can be spared.  When there are flowers in the cuttings bed I will have no excuse at all, but it will be a while before there are flowers ready to pick.  If you would like to see what others have found to pick today do visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden; better still why not pick some flowers yourself and join in! Continue reading

Wild flowers

The red European poppies were flowering in the fields on road verges for most of last month, but I’ve posted about poppies every April and May, here and here; this year there is something else red flowering in the fields all around the house.  Do you remember that a few years ago almost every show garden at Chelsea had red clover (Trifolium incarnatum)? The farmers here must have been inspired (I jest – this has always been a planted to improve the soil and I think make good hay for the sheep and cows (not absolutely sure about that).

Trifolium incarnatum with Vetch

Trifolium incarnatum with Vetch

Trifolium incarnatum

Trifolium incarnatum


ploughed soil and a line of clover

ploughed soil and a line of clover

St. Bernard's Lily Anthericum liliago

St. Bernard’s Lily Anthericum liliago

This delicate looking plant was growing wild in my friends garden; if it were in mine I’d move some to a border where they could be enjoyed.

20130528_9999_10Above and below:

While visiting a friend’s garden I saw a plant I’ve heard of but never seen before, Cerinthe major is well known in its purple form but the wild yellow form is never planted in gardens as far as I know.




With all the rain this year so far, I’m thinking of renaming 2013 as the year of the snail!  I have many more than normal in my garden this year, but nothing like the number my friend has in hers; these are all gathered on one poor rose bud.