In a vase on Monday – Now for the Greens

I hope I will be forgiven for making this vase a day early as I wanted to take an arrangement as a small gift for our hostess for Sunday lunch.

The basket actually belongs to the hostess herself, she brought it filled with fresh eggs from her chickens and delicious homemade orange pickle which I must remember to ask for the recipe; it was perfect with the gammon joint I served that day.  So I felt it should be returned with something from my garden. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – still some surprises

It is the first of December but if you walked around my garden today you would be forgiven for thinking that it was spring.  The temperatures in the last week have risen considerable to those of only a few weeks ago.  Last night the minimum temperature was 15°C, and that was the daytime high a couple of weeks ago, during the day we are back to the low 20’s°C.  So what can I find to put in a vase this Monday from my garden for Cathy? Continue reading

GBFD – Scorched and then the first rain came

As I mentioned in my last post we had our first rain for over a month during Monday night plus the temperatures have dropped this week by about 10°C, making it again possible to work in the garden with some degree of comfort at least for most of the morning and in late afternoon. Today I worked on until 1.30pm and it was hotter than I at first realised! Caution is needed, I was wearing a hat! Continue reading