In a vase on Monday – Fading glory

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday greetings last week, you are all my very special blogging friends and I value that friendship more than I would have imagined when I started this blog.

Today joining with Cathy at Rambling in the garden for our weekly vase meme I have two vases with many of the same flowers but slightly different colour tones. Continue reading

In a Vase on Monday – The same but different

Monday is the day when Cathy from Rambling in the garden asks us all to join her in picking flowers from our own gardens and plonking or arranging them in a vase to enjoy during the week in our homes.

Again there were a lot of flowers to pick and to be honest a lot of spent blooms that needed dead-heading, I really do need to do this job every couple of days as this morning I cut off more dead blooms than fresh ones from the Cosmos (all kinds).  There is an interesting balance between having enough of any one kind of flower to be able to produce the kind of vase I want and having so many flowers that they aren’t picked at all; I do enjoy them in the garden though as not much else is flowering in the heat. Continue reading

2015.08.03 In a vase on Monday – summer!

Monday is when Cathy from Rambling in the garden asks us to pick flowers from our gardens to enjoy in our homes so very early this morning before it became too hot to go outside I picked three buckets of flowers and let them have a long drink while I did other things. Continue reading

The Cuttings Garden at the end of May

The cuttings beds are continuing to give me so much pleasure.  Being able to pick flowers for a vase whenever I want is just incredible.  There has been so many of some flowers that I am now more able to calculate how many plants I need to plant to have ‘enough’.

I decided to read last month’s post to help me remember where things were a month agoContinue reading

The cut flower beds at the end of April

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Julie of Peony and Posies and tour her large cuttings garden; I certainly envy the space she has for her cut flowers.  At present tulips are the main attraction and I took away some ideas for which tulips I would like to grow next year.  Thank you Julie for welcoming us into your home and garden; it was the perfect beginning to our short trip to Suffolk.  I am a little late joining Julie for her review but it will help me in future if I post this month. Continue reading

The cutting garden in January

When I woke up this morning I looked out of the window and thought it had snowed during the night, yesterday afternoon the sky had looked like snow so I wasn’t surprised; but on going outside to check the greenhouse, I found that it wasn’t snow but hail!  With the low temperatures the hail hadn’t thawed but remained coating the beds and some of the plants, this thyme doesn’t look very happy.

Hail stones on Thyme

Hail stones on Thyme

I have decided to report on the cuttings bed at least once a month; Julie at Peonies and Posies is posting about hers on the last Friday of each month, I will try to coincide my reports with hers in the hope that others too will join in and I will learn something from others who are far more experienced and I am! Continue reading