In a Vase on Monday – Hand Tied Tulips

A grey wet morning greeted me when I opened the shutters this morning.  It is a good thing that I had picked the flowers for today’s vase yesterday.

More tulips!  I hope that there will be tulips every week for the next few weeks from the pots of forced tulip bulbs in the greenhouse.  On Friday I noted that the first couple of Tulip Purissima were beginning to show some white colour (I know white isn’t a colour, but you know what I mean).  By Saturday one had opened completely. Continue reading


In a vase on Monday – One for me, one for you

Time has rushed by today and I have to get ready to go to a good friend’s birthday aperitivo.  Of course this required a hand tied bouquet to take to her along with a sticky squidgy chocolate cake which was actually her recipe. Continue reading