In a Vase on Monday – Not quite Cotehele!

Some of you may remember my enthusiastic post after I visited Cotehele in December 2015.  I was so inspired that I wanted to grow everlasting flowers to make a small swag of my own.  My seed order for growing in 2016 from Chiltern Seeds failed for some reason so I only grew a few everlasting flowers that I obtained seed of locally.  Spurred on by the seemingly large number of blooms produced in a very small area I determined to try again this year.  The order worked perfectly (as it usually does) and the seeds were duly sown and planted out into one of the cut flower beds this year.  I have to admit that they need picking and preparing a couple of times a week if the plants are to produce optimally – needless to say I didn’t achieve that but I thought I had probably harvested enough for a small swag. Continue reading