GBFD – A frosty morning

Welcome to GBFD where I encourage you to value the foliage in your garden, and at this time of year maybe it is the foliage that is doing most of the work to make your garden beautiful. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday 5th December

This week’s weather has been a repeat of last week’s. Strong winds at the beginning of the week with a beautiful, warm, sunny day on Wednesday (perfect for gardening and, well, just being outside); with the clear skies a heavy frost descended during the night so that again I woke to an almost white world. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday 28th November

There has been a light frost every morning this week.  I know this because when I get up, the first thing I do is open the inner shutters of the landing window and look out; mostly I see the vegetable garden but I can also see the solar panel (for hot water) on the shed roof and each morning there has been a little frost, not thick and not completely covering it.  It has been cold and extremely windy all week with the wind coming from the north (Tramontana) or north-east (Grecale).  These are both bitingly cold winds that clear the air and mean you can see for miles; they also mean you need a hat and warm clothes if you’re going to venture out.  I like it that winds have names, makes them seem for friendly! Do the winds where you live have names in common use? Continue reading