The Slope on Thursday 5th December

This week’s weather has been a repeat of last week’s. Strong winds at the beginning of the week with a beautiful, warm, sunny day on Wednesday (perfect for gardening and, well, just being outside); with the clear skies a heavy frost descended during the night so that again I woke to an almost white world. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday 28th November

There has been a light frost every morning this week.  I know this because when I get up, the first thing I do is open the inner shutters of the landing window and look out; mostly I see the vegetable garden but I can also see the solar panel (for hot water) on the shed roof and each morning there has been a little frost, not thick and not completely covering it.  It has been cold and extremely windy all week with the wind coming from the north (Tramontana) or north-east (Grecale).  These are both bitingly cold winds that clear the air and mean you can see for miles; they also mean you need a hat and warm clothes if you’re going to venture out.  I like it that winds have names, makes them seem for friendly! Do the winds where you live have names in common use? Continue reading