In a vase on Monday – it feels like autumn even if it doesn’t look like it

Late in the day, but this week I have managed to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with the weekly meme to post a vase of flowers collected from our own gardens. Continue reading


In a vase on Monday – late again

I’m late again with my vase because we were in England for the wedding of my husband’s goddaughter. I have to say the weather was a bit of a shock.  On Thursday when we arrived it was warm, the same temperature as here in Italy; but from then it all changed, on Thursday on a quick visit to Wisely it was cold and windy and there were showers which made us spend more time in the shop and cafe than in the garden.  Perhaps this wasn’t too important as it certainly wasn’t looking at its best, the hot summer had taken its toll.

Sadly for the wedding day itself it rained and was cold all day, but the radiant smile of the bride warmed us all.  Yesterday as we left early to catch our flight home it was 3°C (or so the car told us).  Winter, if only for that day.  I was relieved to arrive home to some warmth, this week the temperatures should remain in the high 20’s although there is a strong wind here today from the north. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – a gift and a house full of flowers

We had been invited to dinner on Thursday evening so early in the morning I picked all the flowers that were blooming to make a bouquet for my friend and fill some vases for the weekend.  There were more flowers than I had realised so that I ended up with four vases. Continue reading

In a vase or three on Monday

On Friday there were a lot of flowers that needed to be picked so I decided to pick them all then to hopefully make them produce more for next week when I need several vases for a party. So these are the vases I’ve been enjoying this past weekend. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Jewel colours

Another week of thunderstorms almost every afternoon; so the pattern of our days shifts.  Still we rise early most days as the morning continues to be the most comfortable time to work outside but now there is not such a need to rest in the afternoon.  The cuttings beds are still producing good pickings of Dahlias and Zinnias and it is the Zinnias that are the stars for me today; I love the rich intensity of their colours. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Pink and White

When I was picking the flowers for today’s vase, I thought I would probably make two arrangements, one pink and one white but once I started putting the stems in the vase I decided that I would prefer one larger arrangement so mixed the two colours together.  It is often a surprise what goes into a vase to join with Cathy at Rambling in the garden for this addictive meme. Continue reading