New Iris purchases

Yesterday afternoon I went to visit an open garden!  For UK readers it  will seem strange that I put an explanation mark, but here in Italy visiting a private garden is unusual and even it a garden is open it is often a disappointment; yesterday was not a disappointment at all.  The garden was open for Charity (again UK readers will not think this exceptional); the garden is planted in English style but with the addition of many plants that are more adapted to the climate here in central Italy.

When they moved from England they bought many plants with them including some Irises, which have been added to over the years.  Many Irises were also for sale (again the proceeds going to support a dog rescue charity based in the area).

Did I succumb to buying more Irises?  Yes, of course I did!  Because they were lovely and because it was a good cause.

Here’s what I bought.

Iris 'Hoist the Sails'

Iris ‘Hoist the Sails’

Iris 'Fair Rosalind'

Iris ‘Fair Rosalind’

Iris 'Brassero' - I did n't actually buy this one but I thought you'd like to see it anyway.

Iris ‘Brassero’ – I think this will be good cut in the sitting room.

unnamed peach, I'm not so sure where I will plant this one but it is so lovely I couldn't resisit it.

unnamed peach, I’m not so sure where I will plant this one but it is so lovely I couldn’t resisit it.

I also bought a dwarf variety that I didn’t photograph because they were flowering in the pot, today the flowers have already dropped but the colour was similar to I. Rustic Jewel that I showed the other day. If it flowers again I’ll post it and ask for an ID.