Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day – Evergreens in the new beds

Welcome to GBFD where I celebrate the job that foliage does in our gardens.  I believe that foliage is just as (maybe more) important than flowers.   Continue reading

GBFD – February and spring IS coming

There is a little new spring foliage that wasn’t noticeable in January but soon there will be more with tints of red and pink as new foliage appears. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – variations on a theme

Monday has come around again and it is time to find material from the garden to put in a vase to join with Cathy’s, Rambling in the Garden meme.  Mondays have become slightly more difficult for me as I now teach on Monday afternoons and often spend the morning checking my preparations and presentation.

Today I awoke to bright sunshine and as yesterday had been beautifully warm I was half expecting it to be warm again today; but only half thinking that as I had heard the wind blowing hard during the night.  In fact today may have been the coldest during the day so far this year; 4°C was the high today!  Already, as it gets dark the temperature is dipping below freezing. Continue reading