In a vase on Monday – Zinnias and Dahlias, Stalwarts of the cut flower beds

Where would I be without Zinnias and Dahlias in the cut flower beds to provide me with cut flowers from June until the first frosts which could be as late as November; in fact I’m more likely to pull the Zinnias out because the foliage has become so scruffy before they actually stop flowering.  What is really surprising to me is that I had never grown either until I started growing flowers to cut for the house. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Spoilt for choice

The cut flower beds are producing a lot of blooms but that is a good thing as it is so hot now that even the cut flowers don’t last very long.  I picked my flowers early this morning but then was busy trying to complete some tasks outside, make apricot jam, tie in tomatoes, etc, etc, and all before it became to hot.  Because I left it so late I had trouble finding somewhere shady to photograph my vase for Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden. Continue reading

The Cuttings Garden at the end of May

The cuttings beds are continuing to give me so much pleasure.  Being able to pick flowers for a vase whenever I want is just incredible.  There has been so many of some flowers that I am now more able to calculate how many plants I need to plant to have ‘enough’.

I decided to read last month’s post to help me remember where things were a month agoContinue reading

A vase of garden flowers 9th December

I thought that after almost two weeks of frost during the night that it would be difficult to find ‘summery’ flowers for my vase this week (I usually pick the flowers on Friday or Saturday to enjoy them at the weekend) but while some plants had succumbed to the frost others were still doing fine.  I am sure this is because the temperatures haven’t actually fallen that low, just low enough for ice crystals to form but not below minus 1 or 2.  Tender annuals often die at zero °C but a lot of other plants are hardy to minus 5 hence this being one of the categories in RHS books. Continue reading