May feast – Rosa Clair Matin

Described as:  Floribunda with 4-11 petals, pale pink with more intense nuances, created in France in 1960 by Marie-Louise Meilland.  Grows up to 3.5 m in height as a climber, but cultivable also as shrub.

Darker pink buds with pale pink slightly peachy coloured flowers.

5 Rosa Clair Matin were planted on the west facing pillars in October 2008.  This is a very generous rose, producing blooms for much of the summer and very well into autumn.

Looking south along pillars on west side of house

Buds began to appear in April but the real first flush of flowers began during the second week of May.

Hard to believe but the image below is the same pillar in March, when Clematis Armandii was the star of the show.

I didn’t show the clematis very much in March but it was spectacular.