The garden in November

I am aware that it has been ages since I have posted about the garden.  I have managed to post a vase most weeks but that is all.  Is it that I have been too busy?  or that I didn’t have anything new to share? whatever the reason I intend to post more regularly now that life has calmed down a bit. Continue reading

A step back

When I returned home after our time in England I was surprised to discover just how hardy all the Anemone coronaria are; there had been sub zero temperatures almost every night were away (which has continued all the past week too with an incredible minus 8°C forecast for Saturday).  I took these images a week ago 28th December 2016 but didn’t feel up to writing a post, but I thought it would be nice to use them today. Continue reading

Tuesday View(s)

It is windy today, VERY WINDY.  It is also the coldest it has been since last winter.  At 2 pm it is 4.7°C according to the forecast on my phone.  Having just been for a short walk I’m sure that’s right, especially if the wind chill is factored in.  The wind speed is between 33 and 44 km/hour; almost all the remaining leaves from the trees in the garden are now on the ground. Continue reading

GBFD – The Garden in the hot Mediterranean Summer

Welcome to Garden bloggers Foliage Day where I ask you to share all or some of the foliage that you are enjoying in your garden this month.  Today I’m going to show you what the plants in my garden look like after two months of drought and temperatures that haven’t dropped before the mid 30’s C during the day and not below 25°C at night.  Many of the plants I’m going to show you haven’t had any irrigation in that time, others have had to have some water just to keep them alive.  But this isn’t a depressing post (well, I hope it isn’t) while taking the photographs I gained some insights into how the garden is and my view of it. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday 11th December

At the end of last week there was rain, quite heavy rain but this week has been sunny with blue skies, but it has also been cold, very cold, nearly but not quite touching zero during the night.  Today, though, has been sunny and pleasantly warm, the north wind dropped and it was a lovely day to be outside, hence this post is a bit late. Continue reading

The slope on Thursday – There’s no denying it now!

Changeable weather here again; Monday was wet for moist of the day, Tuesday was warm and sunny, on Wednesday it rained in the morning and then was cold in the afternoon, Thursday was lovely all day.  Every morning the garden is soaked with dew.

I am a day late with this post; time just ran out yesterday but the photographs were taken on Thursday morning when the sun was bright but low making it difficult on the west facing slope to get clear images. Continue reading

GBFD – it’s not autumn yet!

I started GBFD in Sptember 2011 with the aim of understanding how foliage works in my garden and hopefully helping others to recognise the importance of foliage in their own gardens.  Foliage is the mainstay of any garden whether we plan it that way of not, there may be a few plants that flower for 12 months a year but they certainly don’t grow in MY garden.  So it makes sense to me to consider the foliage (and form) of a plant just as much if not more than the flowers.  Don’t misunderstand I’m not advocating that we all change our gardens into flower-free zones, far from it, I think that foliage is the supporting role but if it doesn’t work then the stars find it harder to shine. Continue reading