GBBD Bright light and new growth

I am late this month posting.  The images were taken on the 14th but I’ve not had time to write anything until now.

I am fascinated by what triggers plants into growth and flower.  I have been visiting the UK and have been enjoying all the daffodils.  This is a plant that needs cold weather to trigger flowering; I planted a huge bag of mixed daffodils by the side of the drive a few years ago; the following week we had a lot of rain and I fear many of the bulbs must have rolled down the slope under the loose covering of soil or just turned over.  The first year following planting there was a respectable amount of flowers but by no means the number that had been planted, the following year there were less this year at this moment there is one bloom, so not the drifts I dreamed of!

After the snow had melted I was surprised at just how many plants where ready to begin to emerge from the soil.  Where before the snow there was no evidence of tulip bulbs, now the leaves are pushing strongly up giving me hope of a colourful display to come.  The usual suspects of Rosemary and Teucrium have been flowering for a while, before the snow fell they were already putting on their blue display.

close-up of flower, huge Rosemary bush by greenhouse

Teucrium fruticosa, one of the very first shribs to come into flower, as early as January sometimes

The slope has grown a lot since March last year and the streams of prostrate Rosemary and Muscari are really producing the effect I had hoped for when planning the planting.

Viburnum tinus, Cerinthe, Muscari are the obvious stars of the garden this month, early Convolvulus cneorum and a silver-leaved Buddleia have attracted pollinators into the garden that I would have thought would only be attracted by more perfumed flowers at this time of year.

click on the image below to see what’s flowering in My Hesperides Garden in mid-March.

This is my only daffodil flowering at the moment - so not the drifts I would love

A belated thank you to Carol at MayDreams garden for hosting this inspiring meme.  If you haven’t visited yet why not click over to see links to gardens from all over the world.

Hopefully you will be able to join me this month for Gardener Bloggers Foliage Day on the 22nd of this month.  I’m hoping for some autumn colour from the southern hemisphere.