GBBD There are blooms today!

The middle of November already, where has 2013 gone?  With such a gentle autumn with rain and sun and mild temperatures day and night there are still plenty of blooms in the garden.  Yes, there are the usual suspects, the plants that flower reliably for most of the year and they are not appreciated any less by me for that reason, they deserve their inclusion in GBBD as much as any prima donnas who excite with their rare presence.  I‘m joining Carol at May Dreams where gardeners from all over the world share what’s flowering today in their gardens. Continue reading

The Slope on Tuesday 9th May

We have had thunder storms during the last week.  During the night last Tuesday it rained for several hours, refreshing the garden so much that by the weekend there were more roses.  Although the day time temperatures are pleasantly warm they are not HOT, so I am enjoying this summer very much more than this time last year when drought conditions were already making themselves felt.  Yesterday there were thunder storms again but only a few drops of rain, not even enough to wet the ground. Continue reading

Flowering in the Magenta Border today 20th June

I haven’t updated what is flowering in the Magenta border for a while.  Lots of Asters are bulking up so I’m looking forward to a good show of them later on in summer; now the delicate foliage and interesting flat heads of Achillea is the main feature.


Beyond the Magenta zone begins a predominantly yellow part of the border, I need to think of a biggish plant or maybe a line of grasses to visually separate the colours; maybe I could continue the Nepeta which would look fine with both colours, any thoughts? Continue reading