Not really Wordless Wednesday

Santa Christina in flowers

The 24th July is my onomastico (this means the day of the saint with my name).  Santa Christina is celebrated in Bolsena a few miles from Viterbo on the lake of the same name.  In the church next to her tomb this image of her was displayed.  It is entirely made with flowers and seeds.  At 10pm her effigy is carried from the church past living tableau depicting her martyrdom.  There are 5 tableaus on the evening of the 23rd and 5 in the morning of the 24th.  The idea is to follow the crowds and see each tableau as the curtains open.  All are gruesome but the goriest is the one that shows her having her tongue cut out with the requisite blood on her pure white dress.  When you reach the top of the town where the castle is situated there are devils in very scanty state of undress leaping around and fireworks and loud bangs with lots of smoke; the saint stays in the church by the castle until the following morning when she proceeds back down the hill to her church. Back to gardening for the next post.