The Slope on Thursday – A sunny October day

With wind from the NNE (Grecale) the temperatures dropped significantly this week with the high being about 17° C.  The clocks changed on Saturday night meaning that the mornings are slightly lighter but seem cold and each evening it becomes darker earlier.  Yesterday was cloudy so it was almost dark at 5.30pm; I think today the light will last longer, it has been a warmer sunnier day, but the wind is still blowing.  Still the house is warm enough not to need any heating; with walls of approx. 60 cm they absorb the heat during the summer and release the heat in winter like giant storage radiators.  But the floors are cold in the morning, I mentioned a while ago that I was going to look for my slippers, but then it warmed up for a while and I didn’t need them, this week I have gratefully put them on. Continue reading